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Let the major manufacturers play their game while Simin Heidari bets on her favorite football betting site

Simin Heidari from Qom City, Iran, is an Urologist who writes on her blog that the cranberry juice never prevented UTIs in any case; It is a myth created by the media that the cranberry juice is a nectar from gods for patients suffering with a mild UTI. She believes that the major cranberry juice manufacturers are behind the creation of this myth and the mainstream media has been their biggest ally in this game. Simin adds that the only game that she herself plays is the betting game on the best football betting site (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال).

Simin writes on her blog that globally, attorneys have 300% higher chances of having prostatitis after hitting the age of 45, due to the reasons unknown, which she claims to have been trying to discover for past 2.5 years now.

Simin’s husband – Shehryar, is a General Practitioner, who claims that the Bihari people belonging to the Indian Subcontinent, mainly India and Pakistan, are most prone to having central nervous system related disorders. He also adds that the Biharis make up the most corrupt poliricians of India, the most notorious and famous of them all being – Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is in prison for the past few years now and this is not the first time that he went to a prison for committing something atrocious.

Shehryar writes on his blog that the Jatt people of India, a people which are considered a warrior race, perhaps have the least number of joints and bones related issues in the world, eve at an old age.

Shehryar writes that it is a pity that the coronary artery diseases are more common in women than ever before, especially among the Iranian women. He says that he has been trying his best to discover the reasons behind it.

Website Designer from Rasht only bets using Football Prediction 2

Kamran Tehrani from Rasht, Iran, is a SEO, Website Designing and Internet Marketing expert who believes that quick service is given far more importance than the brand loyalty in the SEO world.

Kamran writes on his blog that clarity of your website’s content and theme is always superior to the wording, style and tone of it, especially when you are trying to sell products directly through your website, in other words, especially, when your website is an eCommerce website. He claims to have have first hand experience of it.

Kamran writes that it is a pity that many online businesses nowadays spend more time looking at the competitors than listening to the customers. He claims that he advises all his clients to not make that mistake. He tells them that he will take care of the competitors and they should put all their focus on listening to the customers’s needs and improving their products.

Kamran says that he always prefers using absolute links over relative links just like he always prefers betting on football websites using football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2) over any other game.

Kamran claims that the images only add weight and relevance to your website if they are 100% unique, otherwise, they reduce the weight and relevance of your website in the eyes of the search engines. He advises that it is always better to use no images at all than to use copied images on your website.

Kamran writes that it is a pity that W3C is not what it once used to be. He tells that you can’t rely much on it anymore.

Youtube Ranking Expert didn’t become a success until she replaced her drinking habit with the online soccer betting habit

Celestina Viggiani is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert who never gets tired of repeating on her blog she didn’t become a success until she drank occasionally but since she the day she replaced her drinking habit with the online soccer gambling habit, she started making a great deal of money from both the online soccer and her Internet Marketing and SEO business, thanks to the websites that display almost accurate football prediction of today.

Celestina believes that the laptops will soon be replaced by something half their size by 2025. She writes that she is too excited about the same. She writes that until she was broke, she used to be the opposite of excited about the new technology because she couldn’t afford it.

Celestina’s forte is ranking videos on the Youtube. She writes on her blog that if you are a noob, you better learn the SMM and SEO before learning how to rank better on the Youtube.

Celestina claims that the USA government spends half as much the money on their Internet Marketing as the businesses and individuals of the entire United States combined, but they attribute all those expenses to their Space Programs, which is a huge scam.

In the January of this month, Celestina inaugurated her own coffee shop in her hometown a couple of months ago with the same name as her SEO Agency. She claims that one of the intentions is the better exposure for her SEO Agency apart from serving great coffees, sandwiches and cakes. She writes that the plan has been working exactly as expected so far. She believes that she can make a lot more money with her SEO Agency with a better exposure than she can ever with the coffee business.

Can online gambling make you a part of the billionaire club? Nawal Tipton really hopes so

Nawal Tipton says that many tourists are more exploitators than explorers. Nawal is always looking for ways to increase her creativity, Nawal has tried several ways to increase her creativity including aphrodisiacs. Nawal says that the aphrodisiacs kill creativity for her and make her sleepy.

Nawal sells vintage wall phones on eBay for top dollar.

Nawal’s greatest hero of all time is Henry Ford. Nawal says that Henry Ford was a farmer but his hair was always laid neat against his head.

One of Nawal’s cousins is a librarian turned Ponzi scammer.

Nawal is a loner who feels heavenly around the snow. Nawal wishes all the time if she was a marble white pale woman with blue eyes which she is not.

Before becoming a full time data hk freak, Nawal was involved in HR management but her HR management career didn’t go quite as well.

Nawal traveled all the way from Khattab, Syria to become a part of the billionaire club.

Nawal donates 10% of her income to the third-world countries each year. Nawal says that the governments of the third-world countries and the billionaires of those countries need to be more sensitive towards the common people.

Nawal has studied the Egyptian history quite well. Nawal says that the President Nasser of Egypt was a Mossad agent and owing to his legacy, all the Egyptian ministers ever since have been Mossad agents. Nawal says that all the fundamental rights in Egypt are for a select few.

Speaking about the Indian democracy, Nawal mentioned that having a big and large book of constitution doesn’t mean anything for a country until and unless the laws are never put into effect.

Nawal says that she has a secret information that the Quandt family of BMW is now interested in entering into the German political scene. Nawal says that Stefan Quindt wants to become the next German Chancellor.

Sometimes frustration can become your greatest asset

Daniela Brunton is a full-time online marketer who has developed an off-page SEO technique that can rank a nicely on-page optimized website to the top of the search engines for the hardest keywords that you may possibly imagine. Daniela had ranked many websites using that technique before but to do it in a large scale she needed tons of money so that she could outsource the business to the people of Indian subcontinent who were willing to do the job for her at a very low cost. It is a lot of work and only the people of Indian subcontinent would agree for the price that Daniela requested the bids for.

Daniela claims the popular business belief that top 20% of the people in any industry make 80% of the money in that industry is not accurate, she claims that the real figure is 12% of the people in any industry make 88% of the money in that particular industry and hence she says that the 80-20 rule should be renamed to 88-12 rule. Daniela has nothing to back up her claim and therefore I am not ready to believe her 88-12 rule.

Daniela also wants to create her own discussion boards software with both free and paid options. Daniela doesn’t know how to code but she told me that she will start learning it from the next week on. Last time when I met her in June of this year, she then told me that she will start learning how to code within a month. She is a serial procrastinator when it comes to learning how to code.

So yes, you may be wondering where did she get the money to invest in her SEO projects. Daniela was once so frustrated about not having money that she decided to either buy a lottery ticket or gamble online. She only had 400 USD in her bank account and she wanted an instant result so she went for DNAPoker betting. To your surprise, Daniela kept winning until she finally won 40, 000 USD and finally stopped placing any more bets. Daniela learnt about DNAPoker through this blog only and she cannot thank me enough for the same.

Adwell sisters buy forts and villas in Rajasthan with the millions that they make with QQ Online

Cyanne Adwell says that efficiency and effectiveness are the most important characteristics of any business especially for the new businesses. Cyanne says that if any new business is carefully well-planned and the founder is efficient and effective enough, there is no way that his/her business can fail and if a business as soon as it is initiated starts earning good profits, it brings upon a new sort of an enthusiasm to the founder which makes him earn even more profits which in turn makes him more confident about himself and his business plan and idea.

Cyanne is currently off to buy a Fort in Rajasthan, India which was her childhood dream. Cyanne is not from India but she and her sister – Cynthia are obsessed with everything India, especially the palaces and forts of Rajasthan. Cyanne’s sister Cynthia and her husband owns several villas on Tonk Road, Jaipur but she is still not wealthy enough to buy a fort or a palace there.

Cyanne and Cynthia’s great-grandfather was the closest friend of E Stanley James – the man responsible for finding the first Christian ashram in the world.

Cyanne and Cynthia’s grandfather was a conspiracy theorist who used to narrate to Cyanne and Cynthia frequently but to the whole family very rarely that how the United States of America is still controlled by the British Royal family and especially the queen among them. He used to give a lot of reasoning, logic and proofs to back his claims up as well.

I don’t have an idea whether the claims of Cyanne and Cynthia’s grandfather were true or not, but one thing is for certain that it broadened the minds of both Cyanne and Cynthia and made them what they are today. Neither Cynthia not Cyanne ever hesitated to bet on online gambling websites ever and finally they discovered the most honest and advanced QQ online and others which helped them build their extraordinary wealth.

One sister is filthy rich off online poker, the other one is struggling but both agree upon 2 things each time

Terri Bardoli is so rich that she now owns a hotel in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, India. Terri made all this money with eBay and situs poker terpercaya. You wont’ find many people telling you that they made millions with their small eBay business or by gambling online but Terri is really something, making millions with eBay requires you to be a genius and to make the same with gambling requires you to be extremely lucky, fortunately, Terri is both –  she is a lucky genius.

Terri’s sister – Edwina sells voiceover services on websites like SEOClerks, Fiverr and PeoplePerHour, Terri has advised her to stop selling herself for pennies and become someone like herself, Edwina replied very harshly to Terri each time Terri tried to give her the advice and that’s why Terri doesn’t give any advice to Edwina anymore.

For Terri – the world is all sunshine and rainbows but for Edwina – the world is all thorns and miseries and we are all slaves of Satan.

Edwina says that she can foretell the future of the entire world’s economy and it is not so good. She says that there will not be a middle-income group left in the entire world by 2050, the topmost successful people will be trillionaires and the rest will struggle to survive.

Terri and Edwina’s great-grandfather was one of the most infamous heroic soldiers of World War 2 whom I wouldn’t name here but I can give you a hint that his name started with the letter “G”.

One of the two things that both Edwina and Terri agree upon is that their great-grandfather was more heroic and wise than he is believed to be and the other thing that they both agree upon is that America is overrated and Europeans are in better condition overall than they are believed to be (much better than the Americans).

Popular online gambling club owner wants to achieve a member-count of millions

Kolab Kanitha frequently tries orange fasting to clean up her body from harmful chemicals, toxins and resins. She is very likely to orange fast for a day at least after she parties with her friends which happens quite too often.

Kolab used to be a hardcore weed smoker in her teens and claims that it didn’t kill any of her brain cells but did right the opposite. When I told her that there is no way that you can increase the number of brain cells, she replied “It made my existing brain cells much wiser and intelligent then. None of my friends is as intelligent or as wise as myself.”

Kolab has started an online gambling club of her own where she and other members discuss about the latest online gambling websites and games, especially bandar tembak ikan indonesia. She was first about to register a .com domain for her online club as she wasn’t aware of the fact that there are .club domain extensions available for the last couple of years but then she saw on the front page of the domain registrar website that they were offering .club domains for a mere $1.20 cents. She immediately decided to go for a .club extension.

Kolab has been trying hard enough to attract new members to her club and as you know that online gambling industry is hopping, the number of the members is ever-increasing on Kolab’s club but she doesn’t consider it enough as she has a plan to monetize her club and she wants to take the member-count to millions which is quite possible but she needs to push harder to achieve it.

A pizza restaurant full of waitresses wearing Rolex watches and diamond necklaces built with Domino99 money

Sean Kogan is a businessman from the city of Bandung, Indonesia. Sean recently created one of the most innovative restaurant businesses in the city of Bandung itself which he aims to spread all over the Indonesia and ultimately the world. Sean created an Italian Pizza restaurant where the pretty waitresses wear the most skimpy yet professional clothes possible to work at a restaurant. All the waitresses wear a Rolex watch and a diamond necklace as well. He recruited none other very lovely, welcoming, overall great personalities for his restaurant.

Without any doubt, for the gentlemen who love to spend time in the presence of some astonishing friendly beauties, this restaurant of Sean is the real deal. Gentlemen of affluence and class really find the presence of women as a great stimuli for the success and happiness. The ladies working at Sean’s restaurant as the waitresses are extremely good in their conduct, from morals to an excellent service commitment. The diversity of them cannot be understated either. From Russian, Indonesian, Indian to African, you might find the diversity of the waitresses at Sean’s restaurant as a five-star hotel buffet.

Sean himself has been celibate since his divorce with his wife 8 months ago. He doesn’t watch porn or masturbate but he has been struggling with wet dreams. He has joined a support group that goes by the name r/semenretention for help with the same and his wet dreams’ frequency has reduced a lot.

Sean’s favorite hobby and pastime is betting. His favorite gambling style is domino99 and that’s where he earns a great percentage of his money from.

Ex-rummy addict didn’t touch rummy for decades but got addicted to Hong Kong pools 2 months ago

Jesse Gaskins is a Swiss woman who respects and likes her privacy so much that she doesn’t have her real picture on any of her social media profile. At first, she was even thinking about putting her real name on any of those only to find out that nobody was accepting her friend request after doing so, then she just put her first name and saw some improvement in the friend request acceptance but still some of the people that she was very familiar with weren’t accepting her friend requests, so she finally decided to put her full real name there.

Jesse had a huge addiction of playing rummy with her friends in the college and since she got married she didn’t play any of that because she was afraid that her upcoming babies will also be born with that addiction only to realize it later on in their lives. So, she stopped gambling altogether. Jesse was so concerned about her future kids that she married the healthiest, most handsome and most intelligent man that she could find. One of her first priorities was that her future husband must not be a smoker or a drinker. Jesse’s husband is a monk when it comes to addictions. He doesn’t even play television when not necessary and only socializes with top people.

About 60-65 days ago while self-learning the Chinese language, Jesse stumbled upon an article about Hong Kong pools on a blog. Jesse just opened the website mentioned for playing Hong Kong pools hoping that she will just check it out and shut it but she couldn’t resist the temptation to bet and made a bet for 200 Euros and won it. Since then, 3 out of 4 times, she wins and that is making Jesse’s addiction to Hongkong prize worst but she is loving it.

Exceptionally qualified man’s wife cannot stop betting on Vera John Casino

Mike Wolfe believes in constant financial and spiritual growth. Mike owns one of the most popular clothing store in the downtown area of his city with an exclusive array of clothing for men and women. All the employees in Mike’s store are polite and very welcoming. Mike doesn’t tolerate a single undisciplined, rude or negative employee. He claims that they are like rotten apples who sooner or later destroy the whole business. Mike truly has a global mind and exceptional qualifications. Shoppers find Mike’s store brilliant 6 out of 7 times. When it is not brilliant, it is not bad either.

Mike doesn’t drink tea, coffee or caffeine of any sort whether it be in the form of diet soda or a regular soda but rather takes herbal ashwagandha for energy.

Each year Mike donates 25000 USD to organizations that fight poverty, HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, protect human rights and combat terrorism.

Mike holds a PhD in history from a premier institute.

Mike’s daughter Christina is a medical student who leaves everyone breathless with her overall great personality. She is very articulate and knows so well to carry a good conversation. Christina loves dancing, fun and socializing, going out in a cozy romantic occasion.

Mike’s wife Calina is very passionate about writing and gambling. As they say, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way”, since Calina lost her legs to a car accident, she has been gambling online and her most favorite gambling related website is

Calina also tried to make a fast buck online once, unfortunately she got all her websites banned for domain squatting.

Chirag Aneja says that astrology should be banned by the govt and the govt must popularize online betting

Chirag Aneja claims the so-called ‘only real astrologers of India’ can be renamed to ‘only real rapists’, Chirag says that 62% of the Indian astrologers have rape or other cases pending for similar sort of heinous crimes. Chirag feels sorry for thousands of foreign women (mainly from the United States and Israel) that travel all the way from their countries, leaving their business, employment, family, only to learn astrology or know their and their family’s future and they only get raped by these fake astrologers. Chirag has been campaigning against astrology and has requested government and the supreme court of India to ban astrology all over India but all her petitions have only got rejected yet.

Chirag has done a lot of research on the nations and areas that have ever been territories of Hinduism or the nation of ‘Bharat’. The most fascinating character that Chirag came across the modern times was Pol Pot of Cambodia. Chirag has read each and everything that she could find about Pot Pol and it came very surprising to Chirag that Pot Pol along with being a megalomaniac was a sex addict as well, Pot Pol married over 40 women and had over 495 mistresses.

Chirag recently exposed a Muslim man who faked being a Hindu sannyasi and a celibate from Haridwar. This fake man lied about being born out of a havan (worship fire) and about that he has no parents, his only parent is fire and the priest that was worshiping the fire. Chirag did a thorough research on this guy, turned out that he was born in a Muslim dominated slum neighborhood, got married at the age of 18, had 15 kids (8 daughters and 7 sons), got married 6 times, divorced 2 wives and is currently living with 4.

Chirag recently won millions of dollars with the help and support of the articles and topics on different online gambling forums and blogs that suggested her freebet terbaru and the surprising thing is that she is not keeping it a secret.

Won 2 million USD on Pengeluaran with just one trick that she learnt on a popular gambling blog

Sheila Ortega had a very lecherous spouse and the day she got the divorce was the best day of her life and the second best day was the one when she won 2 million USD on Pengeluaran SGP with just one trick that she learnt with different gambling blogs.

Sheila’s ex-husband made her life such a living hell that she started sleeping at a nearby graveyard fearing that he might kill her if she sleeps at home. He even punched her in the face many different times.  Before starting to sleep at the graveyard, Sheila took refuge at a friend’s house to save herself from that monster. He started accusing her of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend whenever she would somewhere other than his house.

When Sheila confirmed to him that she is pregnant, he started shouting that the child is not his and he even punched Sheila in the face, that was the day when she decided that she is getting a divorce from this monster.

Sheila recently learnt though a common friend that her ex-husband got handed a mental health warrant by the doctors. Sheila had a blast with her friends the day she learnt about this.

After Sheila’s ex-husband learnt that Sheila bought a luxury villa in Rio Largo with the money that she won with betting on a FIFA55 website, he was galvanized to start betting on FIFA55 websites himself, but unfortunately he couldn’t win anything but instead lost a bit.

The biggest deal-breaker in Sheila and her ex-husband’s life was his thinking that he could get away with punching Sheila, he had a notion that Sheila wouldn’t be able to survive alone without him, oops, was he wrong?

Wannabe clothing tycoon wants cannot stop betting on UFA

Sarahi Bialik is extremely selective about the employees that she chooses for her clothing brand that she inaugurated on 3rd June, 2016.

Sarahi’s eyes were filled with tears of pain when I asked her how her business is doing. She did her best to hide them and then she looked back at me with a huge confidence and promised that her brand will be a household name by the end of the year 2019.

Sarahi is locked in a struggle with several other new brands that are trying their best to mark in the clothing industry as well.

Sarahi is highly disciplined along with being ambitious, creative and determined. Sarahi is committed and determined to destroy all her nemesis which I know for sure she will never be able to. Let her daydream!

Sarahi’s sister is an infamous journalist who came into the limelight after she exposed one of the biggest hospital scams in the great Britain.

Sarahi wants to put her rivals into a jeopardy with a secret plan that she has which I know for certain is not going to work. If she tries hard enough, she will perhaps be able to outdo several of her relatively new competitors, but outdo them all? That’s just a big dream. Maybe she will be able to outdo them all if she invents a new type of clothing without any cotton, linen or polyester, anyways, although Sarahi is a highly disciplined lady, she hasn’t yet been able to get rid of her gambling addiction yet. She is still a UFAbet junkie and she reads all the posts about the same as well. She is perhaps reading this post while you are doing that too.

This chef has worked for 5 star hotels across the globe and the only similarity that she found among the people across the globe was their gambling habit

Iris Caron is a chef who claims that European food is the best for high energy, focus, memory, creativity and physical strength. Iris says that the European food is responsible for the Europe’s success and being called the first world.

Iris lived in Sindh and Gujarat for years where she worked as chef at different 5 star hotels. Iris says that import and export business is like a cultural thing in the Sindhi and Gujarati communities. Iris says that Sindhi and Gujarati people are emotionally very strong, never get hurt and believe in using the latest technology only. Iris says that Sindhi Muslims till date believe in Ramayana and Mahabharata and they respect the Hindu religion a lot as well.

Iris says that Volkswagen is missing a lot of business by not entering the Pakistani market. Iris claims that Volkswagen will perhaps be the most sold car brand in Pakistan if they ever enter there as the water next to the coastal cities like Karachi is so brine that most of the cars get rust only after a couple of years. As Volkswagen and Skoda give a 6 year non-proliferation warranty in India and Volkswagen and Skoda together sell the highest number of cars in Mumbai, if they do the same in Pakistan, they will be the most sold car brand in Karachi, Pakistan as well.

Iris says that there are tons of conspiracy theorists in Pakistan and there are tons of online gamblers as well there. Iris says that Amateur Baccarat (สมัครเล่นบาคาร่า) is so popular in Pakistan that it gets as much amount of visitors from Indonesia as from Thailand.

One conspiracy theorist in Pakistan told Iris that USA has some secret bombs and missiles which even Donald Trump doesn’t know about. He claimed that these bombs and missiles are a lot more destructive than the nuclear weapons.

Indah Nori paid 500 bucks to a rookie web designer for a simple website after winning 15k USD with ItuQQ

Indah Nori got so excited after winning 15000 USD with a ItuQQ website which she found on a list which was told to her as the most trusted ItuQQ websites’s list that she paid a rookie web designer 500 US Dollars for creating a simple 5-page website, she didn’t even have an idea that she could create a full-fledged website absolutely free with WordPress.

After learning about the WordPress, Indah started spending one hour of her busy schedule to pursue her passion of automobile blogging and she has been making one post a day on average ever since. Indah once wrote that there is something about the Honda cars that fascinates her like no other. She says that she doesn’t like Acuras at all but she finds Hondas to be irresistible.

Indah doesn’t understand the obsession of Pakistanis and Mexicans with over-sized trucks and SUVs.

Indah claims that the European and American car-makers are still ahead their Japanese rivals in terms of technological and engineering prowess but they just don’t know how to make their cars more reliable and durable.

Indah says that the Ford needs to learn from the Honda and Nissan about how to offer the customer a large wheelbase in small and large cars alike. Indah says that although the Lincoln Navigator is almost as large as the Nissan Patrol, the comparison between their wheelbase and the difference in terms of space that the Nissan offers is phenomenal.

Indah says that a futuristic looking car design doesn’t deserve to be called as such as long as it doesn’t serve futuristic purposes.

Indah recently studied the automobile industry of India thoroughly and she has come to the conclusion that looking at the ever-rising sales of the Ford in India, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Ford becomes the next Maruti Suzuki of India. Indah says that if Ford keeps rising at this pace in India, it may take over 30% of the car market of India by the year 2032.

Jorani bought several cars but none of those is German, Jorani never toured any other country than India

Jorani Michaels never buys made in Germany cars as she fears that some Jewish or Muslim engineer may fit a bomb in it. Jorani hates Volkswagen like nothing else, she claims that Volkswagen will soon disappear if they keep trying to enforce their overrated and over-exaggerated German over-engineering to the customers and prospects.

Jorani might sound like a hardcore Zionist to many which she is not when she claims that the Mercedes was founded by a Jew whom Karl Benz, the so-called fake founder of Mercedes killed and stole his technology.

Once when Jorani was in India, she went to an Indian funeral where she was amazed to see that the Hindu people burn their dead ones instead of feeding them to the animals like the Zoroastrianists do or bury them like the believers of the Abrahamic religions do. Jorani dared to ask the question “Why do guys bury your dead ones?” Some Hindu Pandits (priests) told her that many dead ones that were buried in the prehistoric times in India used to turn into evil beings due to the land of India being so perfectly arable. This priest told Jorani that this burning ritual has more to do with the arability of the land of India than its religion. This priest also told Jorani that several aghoris (cannibal sadhus of India) eat buried ones believing that it is a good karma as they fear that those dead Muslims might turn into ghosts or some such thing.

Jorani interviewed many aghoris after learning about these people in India. She concluded that all of the aghoris that she interviewed lacked fundamental rationality about most basic things except the one who told Jorani about with the help of which, Jorani is now making thousands of dollars a month with SBOBet.

Martial arts instructor is using her command in the Indonesian language for placing bets

Irma Bucak is a martial arts instructor who has a funny belief that the Southeast Asian people’s culture of clapping so much and clapping the loudest is the reason why this region of the world is one of the poorest. Irma literally believes that the act of clapping reduces creativity, passion and ambition for everything pro-life. When asked “Why if the people of this region are so anti-life are the largest in population?” Irma replied that there are two reasons behind this fact, the first one being that Southeast Asia has always been the most perfect land for agriculture and that’s the reason why so many tribes from all across the world traveled here throughout the history and settled down here forever, the second reason is that when the act of clapping steal away the passion and fun from life, the only way that people have to enjoy life is through sex otherwise they become suicidal and that’s the principal reason why the people of this region breed like rabbits.

Irma completed her martial arts training in Indonesia and along with taking training in martial arts, she learnt the Indonesian language as well there. Irma has been making the complete use of her command in the Thai language with learning gambling tips and tricks from top Indonesian football gambling agents (Agen Bola).

Irma is married to a cosmetic dentist and she never shows any objection to the requirement of her husband’s profession where he has to go too close to the mouth of the beautiful women that come to him for treatment but she doesn’t like her husband’s old habit of forgetting their wedding anniversary, his own birthday, Irma’s birthday and other important dates.

Irma’s husband claims that brushing your teeth has long-term bad effects but using Mouth Wash is beneficial instead. He recommends using Mouth Wash instead of toothpaste and toothbrush to all his patients.

International Spy, Journalist and Restaurateur – Darcy Austin makes more money with sports betting than anything else

Darcy Austin claims that the emerging young Mufti of Pakistan – Mufti Tariq Masood is a Jew in disguise. Darcy knows the Urdu language and she says that after listening to all the Mufti Tariq Masood’s videos, she found him extremely suspicious and unusual. Darcy decided to travel to Pakistan this Winter holidays with the money that she won with sports betting websites she found on BettingParlour. Darcy met Mufti Tariq Masood personally and got her entrapped into telling Darcy about himself everything with the magic aka weapon of her beauty, turned out that Darcy was right. Darcy fears her life and hence she didn’t tell about this to anyone than me. Darcy claims that the purpose of this guy is to spy on Taliban and other Islamic terrorist organizations for Israel. Darcy suspects that he can be one of the many Jewish agents living in Pakistan and these guys can be there to destroy the atomic program of Pakistan.

Darcy’s one and only brother is an individual mechanic in Beverly Hills who repairs only Limos. He straightaway says ‘No’ to any other car.

Darcy’s only permanent source of income is  an elephant chariot themed Indian family restaurant which she inherited from her father. Darcy’s mechanic brother inherited a Donkey chariot themed Irish pub his father.

Darcy’s neighbor owns a fleet of Volkswagen. Darcy hates Volkswagen with all her heart. Recently, one of her neighbor’s Volkswagens got stolen by a thief whom Darcy caught and exposed in her newspaper. This thief was peculiar and unique in his own way that he only stole cars with panoramic sunroofs. He got caught as he put one of the cars on fire, Darcy saw him doing the deed and called the police. Two of the most funny things are :- 1. The thief had no idea that burning car personally is illegal, 2. He lived in the same neighborhood as Darcy.

Mercedes Buffon started a perfume company with the amount she won with FIFA55 betting

Mercedes Buffon is a political analyst who claims that the current Indian Prime Minister is an American agent who has been plotted in India for several different reasons one of that is to destroy the ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation because NASA fears that ISRO is growing way too faster than any other space research organization and the US government can’t take it.

Mercedes says that no matter how badly the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi or the upcoming CIA agent Indian ministers try to undermine India, it is still going to come up as the second largest Indian by 2060, the largest economy by that time will be China without a doubt, she says.

Mercedes claims to have the highest respect for the nation of India due to the good time she had there when she worked as a North Goa escort.

Mercedes says that a modern human being cannot even imagine that how corrupt the first police force ever in Europe used to be. Mercedes claims that not even the most corrupt police force in the modern days can even compare to that but her husband – Kylian completely differs from Mercedes in this regard and rejects it as a myth created by the governments of the third world countries, especially the Arab ones and some mischievous authors.

Mercedes says that nothing else ever had a huge negative impact on herself than the death of her beloved grandmother. She says that she still has bad dreams and nightmares about that night when her grandmother died.

Mercedes recently started a perfume company with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the tricks and tips that she learnt with blogs like Venice Foursquare Church.

Mercedes claims that she never buys anything from discount and free offers shops both online and offline no matter how bad her financial situation is.

Mercedes has done an extensive study on the religion of Islam, Arabia, Arabian culture, history and traditions. Mercedes claims that before color green, it was the color yellow which was believed to be the color of paradise in the pagan Arabia.

Gambler uncle did his best to hide his gambling websites aka money machine but failed

Nadia Baig is a Pakistani woman who after having worked for a South Goa escort service says that the Indian subcontinent’s relationship and family culture is worse than the slavery. She also says that the Indian subcontinent’s people suffer from a slave mentality and they don’t know at all what freedom is and means. Most Indian subcontinental people worship celebrities and politicians like demigods. She says that the Greek gods would feel inferior to these Indian subcontinent’s celebrities and politicians if they ever see how much they are revered for nothing. They don’t have any talent, wisdom, skills or magnetism, people are mad for them because their slave mentality continuously asks them all day to worship demigods which the people of Indian subcontinent are popular for 6000 years. Hinduism is a pagan religion and pagans worship idols and have no morals at all.

Nadia’s brother Haroon fell in love with a girl and her mother whom he saw at a local market. Since then he is having seizure outbreaks. He didn’t tell the reason behind his seizure outbreaks to anyone except Nadia. He told Nadia that both the daughter and the mother looked like angels, while the mother had a heavenly body, the daughter had the face of an angel. He didn’t dare approach any of the two but since he came back home, all he had been thinking was these 2 ladies. If Nadia goes ahead and tells her parents why Haroon is having seizure outbreaks, they will be mad at him which will only increase the complications and pain for Haroon.

Anyways, Nadia’s uncle Orya is a full-time gambler and gambling is haram in Islam. Orya knows this but he doesn’t care and he is so cunning that he doesn’t tell about his gambling addiction to anyone. He used to be the poorest in the whole family but since he has been gambling, he is the richest in all of the family. His gambling addiction came into the limelight of Haroon and Nadia when they borrowed his laptop and he forgot to delete his history. His browsing history was full of FIFA55 websites and gambling related blogs.

Mr Chow is living the Swedish life being chauffeured in his Volvo XC90 Excellence

Niu Chow is a Korean gentleman who has been living in Sweden for the past 6 years. Niu says that smart, rich and classy men and women buy a Mercedes S-Class or a Volvo XC90 Excellence if they are looking for a chauffeur driven car while the rich and stupid show-offs buy a Rolls Royce or Bentley. Niu really walked the talk in his personal case and he went for a Volvo XC90 Elegance after he won 6.7 million South Korean Won with a Toto website.

Niu Chow is very critical of many luxury car manufacturers and is appreciative of several others. Niu Chow says that the car makers have forgotten that luxury is more about the personal comfort that it is about showing-off. He says that the solidity and quality of the interiors of a car is far more important than its plushness. He also says that the sizable girth in a car and great handling generally don’t go together some of the exceptions that he knows of are BMW and Porsche cars and SUVs.

Niu Chow is extremely critical of the Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer. Niu says that Mercedes Benz’s Automatic Transmissions are unmatched and unparalleled in quality, durability and reliability but you won’t hear this from guys like Scotty Kilmer because he is clearly paid by Toyota to promote them full-time. Niu even doubts that whether Scotty is a real mechanic or he reads from a script. Niu tried to go live with Scotty Kilmer several times but Niu says that he perhaps deliberately comes up late and only answers the questions which he can find answers of through the internet. Niu laughed his ass off each time equally when Scotty said in a couple of his videos that Toyota makes the best CVT gearboxes and they are even better than the Volkswagen’s DSG.

Niu Chow is a great believer in occult practices like sex magic and this can be known from the fact that he is very frequent to one and only one particular escort agency in Israel. He regularly sex with high class Israel escorts who are experts in the art of sexual alchemy far superior to the one taught by so-called Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

She is one of the topmost sellers on eBay and Shopify and one of the luckiest gamblers in real life

Deborah Damo resells smartwatches imported from the Republic of China for 8 times the price that she buys those for on websites like eBay, OLX, Craigslist, Shopify and not to mention – her own online store. She is planning to build her own brick and mortar store in the downtown area of Hot Springs, Arkansas. One of Deborah’s biggest customers is her neighbor who has bought at least 330 watches by now from her.

Deborah claims that women have a sexual appetite that is 19 times greater than that of the men, the only thing that the women are better at is controlling their desire. Deborah says that the 9th commandment should have been “You shall covet your neighbor’s wife” instead of “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife”. To satiate this appetite of her, Deborah used to work as a Foreigner Escort in Mumbai which along with satiating her appetite also made her a lot of money.

Deborah’s sister is married to a very strict Orthodox Jew who doesn’t work at all on the Sabbath day.

Deborah’s father used to be one of the greatest American disciples of the Indian female guru – Malti Shetty. He was an introvert who abandoned his family for so-called spiritual values and growth. Deborah’s mother never married again.

Deborah belongs to a tribe that worships mountains. Deborah’s family members still worship mountains but Deborah never did it since she became a teenager or you might as well say that since she hit the puberty.

Deborah used to be a constant attention seeker during her teenage years and in her early 20s. She would do stupidest stuff to get the people’s attention, especially that of the men’s in her early years but one thing which most consider as evil but turned out to be great for Deborah is online gambling (judi online), she started gambling at an early age to seek attention, she didn’t receive any attention that she seek with it but she has been quite lucky with it yet.

Punjabi-Arora-American lady hates Khatris and loves sports betting

Eva Wadhwa loves tiny dogs like Chihuahua, Poodle, Bichon Frise, Maltipoo.

Eva grew up in Punjabi circles of Singapore and growing up she found the first generation Punjabi-Khatri-Americans to be rough, mean and hostile towards Arora people. The Khatris think of themselves very highly and they have a history of persecuting every other caste in India, be it Jatts, Gujjars, Aroras, Sindhis, Marwaris, Baniyas and even Brahmins. The only people that Khatris fear are the Rajputs and they haven’t ever been able to win a war against them. Still all that Khatris do is praise themselves all day all night long and that’s all. They are one of the poorest

Eva loves to dress up in all black leather like a Cat-woman to crave attention which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, she just have to take care to make it very clear to her subconscious mind that obsessing over attention is really bad. Sometimes when she doesn’t get the attention that she seeks she gets disappointed. Obsessing over attention doesn’t bring anything to the table though it may attract wrong people. Craving attention from strangers is and always will be an absolute cancer.

Eva cannot get enough of Salve Regina: Gregorian Chant and it has become like her national anthem.

Eva doesn’t like conversing uselessly or gossiping at all, this is one cancer that she recognizes as being cancer literally. Even if Eva ever finds herself gossiping which if she ever does, she does it to improve her relationships with the other people, she feels so drained afterwards. She always wants to talk about the things that either interest or improve her, not just for the sake of talking.

Eva is very frequent to the sports betting Singapore and she reads a lot about online gambling to improve her skills regarding the same.

She uncovers conspiracies, works out 100 minutes a day and plays fish shooting online

Shikha Raisani says that weight gain and aging are a curse and that’s why she keeps taking weight loss supplements, exercises for 100 minutes a day and takes several different anti-aging ayurvedic and Chinese supplements.

According to Shikha Raisani, “Whatever the Indian media depicts is either a conspiracy, agenda or paid news. The #metoo movement spread the Indian media is one example of the atrocities of the Indian media, first they popularized the forgotten third class actress – Tanushree Dutta by buying views for her videos on the Youtube and once those videos reached on the front page of the Youtube and people were reminded of who Tanushree Dutta is, the media signaled Tanushree Dutta to open her mouth and accuse whichever actor doesn’t pay the media the monthly package that they extort from these actors. She accused every innocent male actor that doesn’t pay up the Indian media its monthly package including Nana Patekar. Then several other modern and vintage actresses popped up including Himani Shivpuri who accused Alok Nath – the sanskari babuji of exploiting her.”

Shikha also says that Kangana Ranaut accusing Hrithik Roshan of exploiting her was a conspiracy of the Indian media because even after being such a great star – Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan aren’t willing to pay up the media their buck for promoting him. Kangana’s accusations against Aditya Pancholi are totally believable but Adhyayan Suman and Hrithik Roshan are mere scapegoats. The Indian media is a mafia organization.

When Shikha is not working out, managing her business or uncovering the conspiracies, eating or sleeping, she is busy betting on fish shooting websites. Her favorite fish shooting (game bắn cá) websites are all in Vietnamese language including HL8 .

Georgian Neurologist is so scared of the negatively affecting colors that he decided to download a Blank Calendar instead for the upcoming year

Dr Dylan Schad is a Neurologist from Savannah, Georgia, who claims to have treated at least two men who were already diabetic and went through peripheral neuropathy after taking Jilly Juice for only a couple of days. For those who don’t know, Jilly Juice is a fraudulent juice, which the founder Jillian Epperly claims can make the drinker live for 400 years, regrow limbs, cure homosexuality, and so on. The juice has already caused few deaths in such a short span of time and the founder has not been selling the same for over a year now after being exposed by a few Youtubers and by Dr Phil McGraw of the Dr Phil Show on the show itself.

Dr Dylan believes that misdiagnosing is still the greatest weakness in the field of neurology.

Dr Dylan claims that the theory that different languages activate different parts of the human brain and the exaggeration of how much of an impact such activations have on the human brain serves no purpose. Dr Dylan claims that those activations are pretty temporary and are of no use in the long-term if you are not a 24/7 chatter.

Dr Dylan claims to have been working on finding the exact effect that seeing different colors has on the human brain. He claims that seeing some colors have a detrimental effect on the human brain while some are just the opposite. Dr Dylan adds that some colors seem to have no effect at all on the human brain and that mainly includes colors like light pink, light green, light orange. For this very reason, Dr Dylan decided to download a Blank Calendar for the year 2020 from the internet and he will decide the colors after thinking thoroughly as which are the best ones.

Amateur Biblical and Jewish scholar acts a poor catholic nun on her website and plays ‘togel’ secretly

Miley Epstein owns a catholic meme website that runs on donations. Miley is an atheist herself but on her website she plays the role of a strict catholic woman who never violated any biblical law.

In reality, Miley is a biblical and Jewish history scholar nonetheless, her favorite book of all time is the ‘Book of Esther’. She has read it at least 11-12 times and finds it as much fascinating each time as she did during her first read.

Miley’s father was a 55 year old drug addict who died due to sudden heart attack. Miley never tried drugs herself, looking at the condition of her beloved father was enough to make her refrain from the poison called drugs forever.

Miley focuses a lot on her diet, she eats only health food, she eats less calories than she burns and keeps on bulking more, she feels very energetic all the time due to her diet. She works out 10 hours a week. She also takes Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake everyday.

Miley uses ‘myfitnesspal’ (an iphone app) to track all the food that she eats and recommends the same to all her friends and family members who want to stay fit and healthy.

One of the greatest turning points in the financial condition of Miley was when she won a million dollar bet on a Malay online togel website – Since then Miley’s economic condition has only been going through an upward slope.

Recently, Miley enjoyed her vacation to the island country of Malta and Gozo thoroughly, she loved everything about Malta but didn’t like the extravagant traffic on the road. She says “The traffic is too much to be true, they need to build infrastructure in a way so that the traffic doesn’t hurt as much”.

Hyperactive celibate stunning young lady made a fortune with Hanabet

Budhiwati Yao always believed in creating a life that she really wanted. Budhiwati is a stunning beauty and she used to drive men crazy with making eye contact with them when she was a teen.

Budhiwati has always been on a different level no matter what it is. She was a wonderful student, she was great at sports in her school days, badminton, soccer, basketball, she played it all. But her most favorite was cycling.

Budhiwati always had a great sense of humor as well.  Budhiwati believes in celibacy and sisterhood. Budhiwati is a member of celibate females cult and never plans to get married or have sex.

Budhiwati got her tubes tied 10 years ago when she decided that she is never going to have a baby. Budhiwati suffered with PCOS for a short span in her late teens.

Budhiwati has a sister who is a pathological liar. Budhiwati has never seen a liar like her own sister in her life. She lied about being pregnant, she lied about passing the examinations, she lied about going to a college while she would just wander through the shopping malls or hang out with her friends. Budhiwati once received an email from one of her sister’s friends who told Budhiwati what was going on in reality in her sister’s life and how she was fooling all her family.

Anyways, Budhiwati has found a great secret of becoming multi-millionaire. Budhiwati has been multiplying her money betting on hanabet mobile and has successfully turned her 150 US Dollars into 75000 US Dollars within 50 days already.

Meditation is harmful and can get you indebted, football gambling websites are beneficial and will get you out of the debt

Ariel Chorley claims that dome shaped architecture and dome shaped buildings were once a symbol of civilization. Ariel says that she has read a lot of medieval and pre-medieval history and the architects that weren’t able to create dome shaped structures used to envy the architects that could create dome shaped structures like Donald Trump envies Bill Clinton.

Ariel’s best friend – Balraj (an Indian-American) is a gay who has been trying hard to change his sexual orientation since he learnt how god destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; the cities that were almost entirely involved in homosexual activities in the biblical times.

Ariel’s grandfather was one of the most prominent bicycle manufacturers of all times. Ariel always has a chip on her shoulder that she has the DNA of such a legendary, strong and revolutionary man.

Ariel says that she has personally observed that handsome men have good hearts while the ones who are not do not have it.

Ariel doubts that most of the modern car magazines are commercially biased including most of the big ones.

Ariel says that religious people can never be innovative and the people who think about innovations all the time can never be religious.

Ariel hates Buddhism a lot as she was hugely involved in the same at one point of time and it made her meditate so much that she stopped focusing on her business and ended up becoming indebted. Ariel says that meditation gives the same effect to the brain as the drugs do, Ariel says that meditation doesn’t take your worries away but makes you forget you about the same which is bad for the long-term.

Ariel has got out of her debts since she started gambling on online football gambling websites through bookies (bandar bola online).

Miss Bianco left her high-paying job to pursue her dreams, thanks to the slot machines and related online forums

Miss Karla Bianco left her high-paying business development managing job to pursue her passion to find the greatest global automobile forum and marketplace ever. Karla knows that it may even take years to make her dream a success but she says that she needn’t worry about putting the food on her table anymore as she has found a goldmine in online free slot machines (losimo automatai online nemokamai). Karla says that winning bets online has become as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of one online gambling related forum that has been helping her in this pursuit.

Karla has some pretty interesting things to say about the automobile industry including some conspiracy theories like Karla claims that the founder of KIA Motors is in reality the nephew of Chung Mong-Koo in disguise. Karla says that the KIA was founded with the help of a very smart plan as the topmost management and their advisers knew that nobody is going to buy a Hyundai after buying it once because of its lack-luster driving dynamics which makes the driver feel isolated from the road, the unreliability of their cars as you may ask any Hyundai owner how many electrical issues he/she has faced over time with his Hyundai and hence they needed to find something to lure the customer all over again towards their junk cars which made them find Kia.

One of Karla’s nieces is crazy about the SEO and she is the one who told Karla that Hyundai spends millions of dollars a year to spread the positive rumors about Hyundai’s reliability.

Karla says that she cannot forget the moment when she was in the 8th grade and she learnt about sex and she was shocked learning about the process with which she was born and she could not believe when she learnt what her parents do regularly when she herself and her siblings fall asleep.

Never try to over-steer your way to success, learn from Vlad Arora who has been making an honest living with online bets

Vlad Arora claims that studying and living in a hostel made him a masturbation junkie as his roommates were all the same and considered not wanking as unnatural and harmful.

Vlad is now a citizen of Turkey and has been living in the beautiful coastal city called Marmaris for over 8 years now. Vlad was born to a Russian mother and an Arora-Punjabi Indian father in Arambol, Goa in 1980. While living in Goa, Vlad used to be a distributor for Horlicks which never made him enough money to pay his bills and even buy and maintain the cheapest used personal car.

Vlad is a well-educated man and while still in India, he tried several different online and offline businesses including an online teaching business but had no success with it all. Vlad even wrote for a competition book that gets printed only once in a year but those guys never paid him and Vlad didn’t even have the money to hire a lawyer. He says that even if he hired a public lawyer, there were only two conclusions that he could predict, first, the public lawyer would have turned a sellout or he wouldn’t be competent enough to win the case and would have only resulted in his waste of time and money.

Vlad really did everything he could to make a living in India but nothing worked and hence he was forced to leave the country.

While disposing Vlad off to Turkey, his father told him to remember that over-steering his way to greed and success while living in a foreign country will most likely bring out some dangerous consequences. Vlad really listened to his father, never tried to over-steer his way to success, and only made an honest living with betting sites (Bahis Siteleri).

The Seeking one is a gambler

Diamond Cretu (name changed) believes that everyone other than herself has a misinformed view on what enlightenment is. Diamond claims that in order to know what enlightenment, life and the secret of universe really is, you need to have a libido through the roof and instead of doing something sexual with it, you need to sublimate it.

Diamond still lives with her mother and they go for grocery shopping together. Diamond’s mom – Charlene has been dating  a very handsome buff fitness model dude. Diamond gets tingling and butterfly sensation all over her body each time she hears them making love in her mother’s bedroom and after they are done, when the dude comes out of the shower, just a glimpse of him makes Diamond all wet down there.

When Diamond was only 15, she discovered the art of self pleasuring all on her own. She used to do a lot of experiments on herself and explore her body a lot but she doesn’t do the same anymore since she says that it interferes with her enlightenment journey.

Sometimes Diamond gets depressed out of the blue and she attributes this to having a libido that is insatiable. Diamond always keeps her socks up and it shows when she wins small battles in the business world and successfully keeps transforming herself into a better person.

Diamond avoids junk food, smoking, drinking alcohol. Diamond uses the most expensive toothpaste to brush her teeth up. She doesn’t let anything give her any useless worries and she exercises 6 days a week.

Diamond started her career journey by working odd jobs and then suddenly she turned into a businesswoman when she discovered how much money she could make by gambling online. Diamond owns 3 nice toy stores in 3 different plush neighborhoods of the Little Rock city of Arkansas. Diamond is an avid ufabet fan which he seems to never get enough of.

Gone are the days when people belong to different regions and religions would consider gambling as something immoral

Paulina Johnson owns a small company that manufactures ropes. Paulina has a weakness that she gets angry whenever someone mentions that her competitors are able to make clients happier and more satisfied than her company. Paulina has been looking for ways to expand and improve her company and she doesn’t care where the money comes from, be it online slot machine or anything, she has already subscribed to several gambling related blogs that promise to teach best online gambling tactics.

Paulina is a highly skilled and brilliant person, educated in England who believes in living moment to moment. Paulina is an admirer and student of the Zen philosophy but she has a weakness, Paulina drinks vodka and tequila occasionally, she becomes exceptionally rude after taking vodka or tequila shots which she hates and regrets afterwards.

Paulina has another weakness, she is a binge eater who cannot resist food for more than half an hour.

Paulina is an irresistibly beautiful BBW who says that nothing can match the taste and flavor of the first sex no matter how good it is. Paulina cannot forget her first experience when she lost her virginity in a pick-up truck.

Paulina’s brother – Jackey owns a bus service that operates round the clock and a seafood restaurant chain that is popular for serving some of the most voluptuous and beautiful female guests that wear skimpy clothes. It is not that these women get some special discount over there but it is a random thing that they love the food at this specific restaurant and also tell their friends about it. Most male guests at this restaurant come to have a look of these stunning beauties.

Jackey is a rich and powerful man who has several bodyguards and servants from Uganda. Jackey doesn’t trust anyone but Ugandan bodyguards.

Talk less listen more, bet more win more

Yochanan Kane has a habit of less talking and more listening. He is an enigma for sure.

Yochanan is 24, he is a huge proponent of the NoFap lifestyle and he is a member on hundreds of chatrooms and other NoFap support groups. Many of these groups go with the names celibacy, semen retention, chastity, etc.

Yochanan is definitely courageous, confident and committed with a natural flair for aggression which many hate. Yochanan is one of a kind with friends from almost all sort of different backgrounds and from different racial groups. Many young teenagers wish to be like Yochanan.

Yochanan has been making big gains in the gym for the past 18 months, especially the last 6 months, his business is growing fast and big. He is confidence in himself and attributes a lot of this confidence to meditation. He runs a location independent business so whenever he meets a lady, he has high expectations and standards. He can see the path he is on and wants a lady who is on the same path as well – so whenever he meets a girl that’s settling herself, she has given up on her dreams and goals, or she doesn’t have any herself, it’s unattractive. Maybe I am not able to describe the situation of Yochanan in words here.

Yochanan thinks that settling is another word for the expression: ‘Let’s fail together, and pretend everything is okay, people will look good on us.’

Yochanan loves to play football and almost everything related to it, be it gambling or video games, Yochanan recently won 140, 000 USD betting on สล็อต. He also made a post about it on a NoFap related online forum.

Don’t buy stuff from eBay straight ahead, first do some Toto betting, double your dollars and then go to eBay

Last week, Ayesha Borg – a Maltese woman got scammed on eBay who offered to sell her a house in Chingola, Zambia but that doesn’t mean that Ayesha will stop buying from the eBay or any other scam or bad experience will ever be able to discourage Ayesha from buying through eBay, Ayesha loves the experience of interpersonal relationship experience while shopping with eBay. Ayesha says that just like getting scammed on eBay is never enough for her to shop from there, losing bets online has never proved enough to discourage her from betting online again on 먹튀검증 or reading pro-gambling posts on different blogs.

Ayesha is amazed to see that along with reaching new heights in the technological world, the Chinese iron and steel industry is also always on a constant rise since the day she started observing it.

Ayesha lived in the Kyrgyzstan for quite a while where she observed that the Kirghiz aka Kyrgyz people are brilliant learners but they lack the motivation and drive along with communication skills and that’s what’s been keeping this brilliant Eurasian race economically behind for so long. Ayesha is amazed to see so many people that don’t even know that Kyrgyzstan even exists.

Ayesha became fluent in the Russian language while still living in Kyrgyzstan taking advantage of which she used to travel a lot to the different cities and villages of Russia each holidays. Ayesha has visited the Chelyabinsk city of Russia twice in her life, once back in the year 2000 and after that in the June of 2017. Ayesha says that back in 2000 Chelyabinsk used to be the greatest hub for the machine tool products that she ever saw in her life but now it is hard to believe that it was once so. Ayesha believes that the current government of Russia is a fail in all the fronts contrary to the popular beliefs about it.

Hyperglot circus owner’s brother bought a Force Dynamics 401cr with the money he won with Mimpi 2D

Vaina Berli has done an extensive research on the ancient, prehistoric and medieval people. Vaina says that the ancient people used to have running noses all the time. Vaina was shocked to learn that a tribe in ancient Africa was just killed by another tribe in the dark of one night just because this tribe used to believe that the Sun regularly has sexual intercourse with the moon which infuriated the killer tribe.

Vaina also read and learnt about an Indian sage who wrote Ramayana claimed that there is a planet which just looks like the ginger, he made a terrific claim that whomsoever visits that planet and comes back successfully to earth will always stay young and become immortal.

Vaina decided to become a hyperglot (a person who speaks more than 12 languages) to feel important, unique and intellectual, she claims that she will soon break the record of Ziad Fazah (a Liberian businessman who speaks 58 languages and is learning more of those).

Vaina’s brother is a commercial link broker who claims to have developed the most accurate IQ measuring tool. This brother of Vaina recently bought a used Force Dynamics 401cr through eBay as the new ones aren’t available for sale at the moment, it cost him 88, 000 US Dollar and when Vaina asked her brother about where he got so much money, he told her that he won the same with mimpi 2d.

Vaina is very critical of most modern professional comedians, she says that many modern professional comedians are very funny but most of them don’t tell relevant jokes.

Vaina is a circus owner who actively participates in seminars and other similar programs in order to expand her business and make herself and her business better.

Mr Angchuan wants to buy a Tesla Model X with that LSM money

Kata Angchuan is an Astronautics scholar but her passion is Bacteriology. She claims that she has read each and every book available on the subject of Bacteriology.

Kata is an atheist herself but she celebrates the festivals of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews to promote religious harmony. Kata loves Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas.

Kata’s husband – Jackie is a car enthusiast but Kata doesn’t give a hoot about the cars. You can learn about how much Kata doesn’t care about the cars by learning that she didn’t even know what is an Aston Martin until she heard her most favorite rapper ever – Rick Ross’s song ‘Aston Martin Music’. Along with learning about Aston Martin car, Kata also learnt that there is a handsome Half-Jewish Half-Black rapper that goes by the name ‘Dizzy Drake’.

Kata’s husband – Jackie says that studying Biochemistry helped him a lot in his personal life.
Jackie has been trying to build a new type of airbag that will be quicker and safer than the SRS airbags and will cost a lost less on the manufacturer’s part.

Jackie advises to his friends and family to never argue with a Fiat fanboy, they are so dumb.

Jackie is not a Tesla fanboy but he appreciates the Tesla company and Elon Musk a lot for what they have achieved in such a short span of time. Jackie says that the Tesla is responsible for making the electric cars one of the mainstream category of cars. Jackie says that he remembers the time when electric cars used to be tiny and awkward looking cars driven mostly by the environment friendly people. Looking at the number of Tesla haters, Jackie says that no matter how much you hate Tesla, its founder and its chiefs, what the brand has achieved cannot be undermined.

Jackie’s next short-term goal is to buy himself a Tesla Model X with the money he wins with betting on UFABET.

Sumaya Lester decided to buy a Skoda to look different with the amount she won with gambling

Sumaya Lester (name changed) owns a swanky steam engine themed restaurant in Downtown, Miami. Sumaya recently bought a Skoda Superb sedan with the money she won with judi online. A Skoda Superb costs double in America of what it costs in the Czech Republic. Sumaya decided to buy a Skoda because she wanted to buy something different. Sumaya is a real exhibitionist as she lives in a ghetto but still drives top cars.

Sumaya’s most favorite hero is Henry Ford. Sumaya says that Henry Ford was a serial dater contrary to the popular belief that Henry hated girls.

Recently, Sumaya drank Dove Body Wash to experiment but got badly ill.

Sumaya is an amateur investigator who claims that India is rich in petroleum but a group of senior government employees have been selling petroleum to middle-eastern countries including Kuwait and Qatar secretly.

Sumaya claims that most Southeast Asian countries have deliberately kept the selection criteria for the cops such that only the incompetent ones get recruited.

Sumaya says that she doesn’t know a single engineer who is personally interested or involved in humanitarian causes. Sumaya says that engineers are the most selfish people.

Sumaya is very active on several internet forums. Sumaya says that she cannot figure out why most forum moderators are more active in the winters, especially in the months of December and January.

Sumaya denies the belief that French language descended from the vulgar Latin.

Sumaya was raised up by her custodial mother who had a thing for everything African and she married twice, both times to black men.

Sumaya has done an extensive research on the Jewish religion and Jewish people. She claims that the Ashkenazi Jews are a mixture of Huns and Khazars.

Sumaya’s sister – Nancy drives only Mitsubishi cars. Her most favorite SUV is Mitsubishi’s Outlander.

Lily Navratilova is a betway88 enthusiast who believes that communism is the best political system ever

Lily Navratilova is a car enthusiast who claims that the Ford stopped making sedans not because it wants to focus more on making better trucks and SUVs but rather Ford is on a secret mission to become the best-ever American motorcycle manufacturer ever. Lily claims that an ex-boyfriend of her told her that Ford is working on making some of the most legendary motorcycles ever and all its top engineers are busy on this secret mission. He also told Lily that once Ford has achieved this mission of it to make the best American motorcycles ever, it will resort back to making the sedans again.

Lily believes that communism is the best-ever political system to exist. The first thing that Lily did after winning a huge amount with betway88 ไทย was to buy a Volga car to show her support for the communism. She has been driving a Volga ever since and the second thing that she did was that she bought a solar energy products company because Lily believes that solar energy is the thing of the future.

Lily says that if given a second chance, Communism will prove itself to be the best sort of political system that ever existed. Lily says that the people of the communist countries weren’t ready for the communism in its first attempt and unfortunately because of being a rookie sort of a political system, it had stupid leaders like Joseph Stalin and others.

Lily doesn’t have much good things to say about the European cars and about the German cars in particular. Lily says that while an average Joe likes to call Skoda as the poor man’s Audi, Lily calls Audi the Volkswagen of an ignorant over-spender.

Citra bought Renault Twizy with Major Safety Park money and the attention her Twizy is getting is unbelievable

Citra Machari recently won enough money to buy her a Bentley Mulsanne with 메이저안전공원 but she instead decided to buy a Renault Twizy and use the rest of the money to start a windshield business. Citra says that the kind of attention she gets driving her Renault Twizy is far greater than she expected before buying it. Citra doubts that she gets some extra attention for her long and curly hair as well.

Citra used to own a Mitsubishi Lancer before and she says that she never going to buy a Mitsubishi ever again because of the poor experience she had before. The spare parts of Mitsubishi are not available easily in Indonesia, their cars heat up too quickly, Mitsubishi cars are not as reliable, durable or fuel efficient as Toyota or Honda and even Nissan.
One of Citra’s good friends recently bought an Audi A6 and she claims that the Audi has come a long way, now Audis are more reliable, more fun to drive, more durable and better engineered than the BMWs.

Citra believes that electric cars are not the future of the car industry. Citra says that her gut tells her that some far more innovative technology which will make the car run absolutely free and without any compromises is going to appear by 2025 and take over the car industry while the gasoline and electric cars will rest in peace.

Citra agrees with perhaps the most popular mechanic Youtuber when he says that Jaguar makes the sportiest looking cars and they are very fun to drive but what’s the point when your car is always going to be in the repair shop.

After Citra bought a Renault, her brother a Citroen and her sister a Peugeot, the siblings have come to the conclusion that buying a Renault, Peugeot or Citroen is as smart a decision as deciding to buy a Honda, Toyota or Isuzu. All three siblings agree that Honda and Toyota have become way too overconfident in the past 2 decades and they have started to believe that no matter how bad their vehicles are, they are going to sell and act as money machines for their shareholders.

This author replaced his obsession with the Russian arch heroes and historical characters with RB88 and it happens to be one of the best decisions he ever made

Jesus Rodriguez is a Thai author who was born in Mexico but mostly writes about the Russian history and characters. Jesus claims on his blog that he is unable to put an end to his obsession with the Russian arch heroes and historical characters and Jesus claims that he is trying to replace his obsession with the Russian arch heroes and historical characters with the game of rb88. Jesus says that each time he gets an urge to order a book or search the internet for some Russian arch hero or historical character, he instead logs in to rb88 (rb88 ล็อกอิน). Jesus says that it has been working very good since he started using this trick and it has also made him some easy money as well along with stopping his addiction in a very entertaining way. Jesus calls himself a devout Christian and a believer in the Hebrew god and he claims that nowhere in any of the Hebrew scriptures it has been mentioned that gambling is immoral or destructive, he claims that it is a mere agenda and misinterpretation of the things which has led to the belief that gambling is immoral and destructive. Jesus claims that rather the opposite is true.

Jesus recently made a post on his blog telling that he met one of his heroes – WCW and WWE Wrestler – Bill Goldberg at an Opera and it was a very bad experience. Jesus claims that Bill Goldberg is a narcissist in personal life who treats his fans very badly. Jesus remembers meeting another WCW and WWE wrestler X-Pac 2 years ago and the experience was even bitter back then.

Conspiracy theorist claims that he doesn’t care at all about the ongoing conspiracies as long as he keeps making doctor money with crypto casinos

Manuelle Pena is a conspiracy theorist from Miami, Florida who likes to joke that tons of talent around the world is being wasted, these Uber drivers are perfectly suited for becoming F1 drivers.

Manuelle claims that there are several indirect prophecies in the scriptures about 1990s being the last decade for the catholic religion, which he has been busy compiling lately and will soon disclose on one of his blog posts.

Manuelle claims to have been studying the global politics for the past one decade. Manuelle claims that they are done with controlling the North Korea’s Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un and now they are going to go after the Ambani brothers of India.

Manuelle has mentioned more than once on his blog that the Indian IT recruits and company owners lacking creativity and innovative capability like they once used to is no more a thing. Manuelle claims that an average graduate Indian of today is as creative and innovative as an average graduate European or American.

Manuelle claims that all the major corporations and conglomerate all across the western world, Middle-East, Japan and India are fearful of what is going to happen after most of the Chinese start speaking the English language.

Manuelle claims that the bishops around the world have been busy creating different conspiracies to bring back their lost glory and power. Manuelle adds that he couldn’t care less as long as he keeps on making doctor money with crypto casino US.

Manuelle claims that the legalization of marijuana in Canada is a part of international conspiracy. Manuelle adds that after Canada, they are going to legalize it everywhere else.

Auto Journalist compares the great management of Hyundai-Kia with the gambling website ToSureSure

Rory Tennes is an auto journalist who claims that the descendants of the Airway Microcar Comapny’s T.P. Hall and Isuzu have been secretly planning to make vehicles together for the American, Canadian and Mexican market. Rory claims that all their upcoming vehicles will be standard aka manual transmission.

Rory claims that the Hyundai-Kia will be the first corporation in the world to successfully build a flying car, just like ToSureSure was the first to build a successful 먹튀검증 website.

Rory claims that the descendants of the defunct Belgian automobile company – Flaid are now planning to get into manufacturing engine oil.

Rory says that it is a pity that a marvelous car maker like Imperia Automobiles of Belgium is now no more with us due to their mismanagement, which proves that how big of a disaster can mismanagement be. Rory on the contrary says that Hyundai-Kia are an example of great management.

Rory claims to have recently met Scotty Kilmer, the popular mechanic Youtuber. Rory wrote on his blog after meeting Scotty that the guy is so knowledgeable and experienced that if he were ambitious enough, he could have established his own car or motorcycle manufacturing company. Rory also wrote that he has always been a great fan of Scotty’s great sense of humor.

Rory writes that the Indian seat belt companies are incredible at what they do for the price, especially the ones that make their seat belts using polyester.

Rory claims on his blog that the economic condition of the Indians during the so-called Gandhian regime is evident from the fact that an Indian corporation named Hindustan Motors sold a car based on Morris Oxford Series III for over 5 decades and an average person of India wasn’t capable enough to even dream about buying one of those.

Once a Taxi fleet owner, now a mechanic and blogger aspires to have her own auto-making company with bolasport bucks

Brooke Gashakamba is an auto blogger and one of the very few female mechanics from the city of Palembang, Indonesia who claims that although the prices of the gasoline are always on a constant rise, the gas stations on the contrary are always suffering losses for quite a long time now. Brooke writes that in other words, the higher the prices of the gasoline go, the more losses the gas stations suffer.

Brooke claims that having her own taxi fleet in the past has really helped her understand the cars better than anything and although her taxi business made her go bankrupt, it is the only thing that made her establish the most successful mechanic business in the city of Palembang. Brooke says that her greatest hero is Scotty Kilmer and she wants to start her own Youtube channel in the coming months and become a successful mechanic Youtuber like Scotty Kilmer. Brooke recently made a post on her blog mentioning that her videos will be available in both the Indonesian and the English language.

Brooke believes and claims that the modern car companies are not as concerned about creating better technology like their predecessors, which is such a pity. Brooke wishes all the time if she had enough money to create her own car manufacturing company, she would make all the existing car companies go bankrupt as she believes that they are all run by lazy men. Brooke has been betting day and night on bolasport with the hope of becoming rich enough to have her own company that will manufacture automobiles. Brooke sometimes doubts that whether she will be able to make enough money this way but then she loses all the hope for life. Hence, bolasport money is the only thing that has been keeping Brooke alive, well and full of spirit for the past 6-7 months.

Baby clothing retail chain owner from Indonesia from a rich family claims that she owes her success to Bandar Bola and not to her Dad’s money

Michelle Krebs is a blogger from Bekasi, Indonesia who claims that meditation has become a more popular advice by the neurologists lately than the exercise which he finds stupid personally. Michelle believes that the neurologists have changed their advice lately out of their habit of doing so but it can be very harmful as the people that used to spend their time exercising will move towards meditation which will ruin their physical health rather than improving the mental health.

Michelle is the daughter of a rich restaurant chain owner who is going to open the first ‘Only French’ restaurant in the nation of Pakistan. Michelle recently wrote on her blog that there are several multicuisine restaurants in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad that serve French dishes but there is not a single one that serves only French food, in other words, there is not a single restaurant in entire Pakistan that is limited to serving only French food and that of Michelle’s dad is going to be the first one to do so.

Michelle has a sister whose name is Leanna. Leanna owns a baby clothing retail store chain that has over 25 stores all over Indonesia. Leanna is also a blogger like Michelle, just less active. Leanna has claimed more than 5-6 times on her blog that she is completely self-made and she never borrowed any money from her father ever to establish her own baby clothing retail chain and all the money that she is invested is what she made with the good old bandar bola.

Leanna is going to inaugurate a new section in all her stores in the first week of October which will be targeted specially on the babies and kids that are too thin due to some disease or genetics. She is too excited about it as this is going to be the very first such instance in all of Indonesia.

The older this Thai author gets, the luckier he becomes with online gambling

Dylan Boccardo is a Thai author who recently completed writing a book on the life of one of the most infamous Russian actor, director and screenwriter – Sergei Bondarchuk. Dylan was generous enough to provide me with a free copy of his book and I really delighted in reading the book.

Dylan wrote in his book that if not a director, screenwriter and actor, Sergei would have been a historian, and all his friends and family agree with the same.

Dylan claims in his book that Sergei didn’t believe the science’s claim that inbreeding or marriage between the blood relatives is bad until he studied Adolf Hitler. Dylan claims that Sergei started believing that inbreeding or cousin marriage is worse than the scientists and doctors claimed after he studied Adolf Hitler.

Dylan writes in his book that if Sergei didn’t serve in the army, there is no way that he would have received the top dignity of “People’s Artist of the USSR” at such a young age.

Dylan claims in his book that Sergei Bondarchuk loved the Jaguar cars but he never owned one owing to the political reasons.

Dylan claims in his book that Sergei started hating the wars, the armies and the governments right after he came back from fighting in the World War but he was shrewd enough to never express his hatred against the wars, armies and the governments to anyone.

Dylan writes in his book that Sergie developed an interest in the religion of Zoroastraniasm in his last days but he preferred to keep it a secret till the very last day of his life.

Dylan writes on his blog that the older he gets, the more he gets luckier with online gambling or maybe because he now knows about websites like, everything he touches in the gambling arena turns into gold.

Baby clothing store chain owner from Singapore is thankful to the Jews and Pengeluaran SGP

Tim Campbell has been owning and operating a baby clothing store chain in Singapore for the past 8 years now. What started as a tiny bed and mattresses store for the babies and kids in the Jurong East area 8 years ago has over 10 branches all across the nation of Singapore today.

Tim’s brother-in-law owns a bean bag manufacturing company. This brother-in-law of Tim keeps giving Tim’s company regular discounts and sometimes credit as well and that’s where Tim has a great edge over many of his competitors.

Another thing that mostly works in Tim’s favor is pengeluaran sgp, with which Tim has won hundreds of thousands of Singaporean dollars yet.

Tim’s wife has been working on creating her own clothes manufacturing unit and brand for the babies. She claims that it will offer the best comfort and fit for the babies. She claims that they are only going to manufacture organic cotton clothing.

Tim claims that the wife of the richest Indian – Nita Ambani, recently shopped with Tim’s store for her yet to be born grandsons and granddaughters.

Tim and his wife warn on Tim’s blog that don’t trust baby clothing brands that claim to have donated millions of dollars. They both claim that the margin is too thin in this industry that it is next to impossible to donate that kind of money if you aren’t one of the topmost brands already.

Tim has a special place for the Jews in his heart. He is really thankful to the Jews for everything that they did and that’s the reason why he has been donating thousands of pieces of clothes to the impoverished Jew babies around the world each year for the past 3 years now.

Ice cream and coffee shop owner from Seoul started playing Toto online after witnessing a good friend making 600 dollars a day with the same

Darren LaZarre owns an ice cream and coffee shop in one of the most popular commercial areas of the Seoul city in South Korea.

Darren is also a blogger and he writes on his blog that he hates it when the ice cream parlour owners pride themnselves on having long waiting lines all the time. Darren writes that his own ice cream parlour is also busy all the times but he has successfully managed to keep the long queues organized.

Darren writes that his business is always high on the rainy days for almost everything that he sells, including ice cream, coffee and snacks.

Darren recently made a lot of fun of a neighboring ice cream parlour that named itself some related to “Fart” only to suffer losses all the time and being forced to shut down within a matter of months.

Darren writes on his blog that the demand for ice cream that promises increased sexual vigor is on a constant rise for a while now.

Darren has only indoor seating available. He says that it is stupid to have outdoor seating for an ice cream and coffee business and it is super-stupid to have nothing but outdoor seating for such a business.

Darren is proud of the fact that his ice cream and coffee shop’s regular customers only visit his shop even though it has one of the worst parkings in the area.

Darren writes that after a long decline in sales, French fries are gaining popularity again which means greater business for Darren’s ice cream and coffee shop.

Darren has started betting on different Korean Toto websites (토토사이트) after he saw that one of his good friends makes 600 dollars a day on an average doing nothing but playing Toto online.

Acarologist from East Jakarta loves her profession and Live Casinos

Traci Ross is an Acarologist from the city of East Jakarta, Indonesia who claims that the mosquitos can never contribute to the field of gerontology at all.

Traci Ross likes to jokle that the knowledge of gerontology should be kept away and a secret from the old biddies.

Traci Ross believes that Thai people should rather research on the bodies of the Giant Water Bugs aka Belostomatidae than eating them. She adds that the Giant Water Bugs aren’t that delicious anyway but she is certain that researching their bodies can bring upon great fruits.

Traci personally finds all the planthoppers extremely cute and she feels extremely sad when they kill those for whatsoever purpose or reason or when they die naturally as well.

Traci writes that the more they study Asian Tiger Mosquito aka Aedes Albopictus, the more confused they get. She adds that it is better to get rid of each and every Asian Tiger Mosquito that is alive on the face of the earth.

Traci claims that the examinations of beetles can help different fields of modern western medicine than most of the doctors think. She has already written to her favorite physician – Dr Lawrence Wilson, who does a program on the radio as well to think about it.

Traci believes that the gerontologists have been wasting their precious time by studying termites. She believes that they ought to study Brentidae instead. Traci writes that she is amazed to see that there is not much study done on the bodies of Brentidaes.

Like most other fun Acarologists, Traci likes to bet once in a while on a Live Casino.

Blogger escapes this lunatic world with Toto websites

Raven Parker is a British born Thai citizen author and blogger who currently lives in the city called Mae Sot. Raven was raised a Protestant but she claims that she has been an atheist since her very teenage years.

Raven’s blog is full of posts regarding different Doctors of the Church and the institutions that they created.

In one 5000 words long post about Raven’s observation and opinion on the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas, she wrote that it wasn’t the Thomas Aquinas’ family that intended for him to follow his uncle into the abbacy, but instead they wanted him to choose the military services instead. Thomas Aquinas himself was very much interested in becoming a celibate priest and that’s what got his mother even angry on him, because Thomas Aquinas grew up to be a handsome young man and her mother would want him to have some children and a beautiful wife.

Raven completely agrees with Saint Thomas Aquinas when he said that a philosopher falls short of true and proper wisdom but she doesn’t agree with him when he said that proper wisdom is found in Christian revelation.

Raven wrote that there is no way that Saint Thomas Aquinas could levitate. She writes that he didn’t even meditate, let alone levitate. She claims to have visited several different Hindu ashrams where the Hindu sages that claimed that they could levitate were all found to be nothing but liars.

Raven finds all the so-called Saints, Sages and Saviors as hypocrites because they all only focus on the goal of the human existence but they never care about the goal of the animal existence or how can they be blissful. Raven says that if as per their claim, the god is with them, all the time, then why does he/she only tells them about how the human beings can be happy, why doesn’t he/she tell them how to make the animals happy or in which state are the animals happy or other things about the animal kingdom.

To escape from this lunatic world, Raven has hours long rendezvous with her favorite Toto website (토토사이트) and calls it the best time of her day.