Website Designer from Rasht only bets using Football Prediction 2

Kamran Tehrani from Rasht, Iran, is a SEO, Website Designing and Internet Marketing expert who believes that quick service is given far more importance than the brand loyalty in the SEO world.

Kamran writes on his blog that clarity of your website’s content and theme is always superior to the wording, style and tone of it, especially when you are trying to sell products directly through your website, in other words, especially, when your website is an eCommerce website. He claims to have have first hand experience of it.

Kamran writes that it is a pity that many online businesses nowadays spend more time looking at the competitors than listening to the customers. He claims that he advises all his clients to not make that mistake. He tells them that he will take care of the competitors and they should put all their focus on listening to the customers’s needs and improving their products.

Kamran says that he always prefers using absolute links over relative links just like he always prefers betting on football websites using football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2) over any other game.

Kamran claims that the images only add weight and relevance to your website if they are 100% unique, otherwise, they reduce the weight and relevance of your website in the eyes of the search engines. He advises that it is always better to use no images at all than to use copied images on your website.

Kamran writes that it is a pity that W3C is not what it once used to be. He tells that you can’t rely much on it anymore.

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