This chef has worked for 5 star hotels across the globe and the only similarity that she found among the people across the globe was their gambling habit

Iris Caron is a chef who claims that European food is the best for high energy, focus, memory, creativity and physical strength. Iris says that the European food is responsible for the Europe’s success and being called the first world.

Iris lived in Sindh and Gujarat for years where she worked as chef at different 5 star hotels. Iris says that import and export business is like a cultural thing in the Sindhi and Gujarati communities. Iris says that Sindhi and Gujarati people are emotionally very strong, never get hurt and believe in using the latest technology only. Iris says that Sindhi Muslims till date believe in Ramayana and Mahabharata and they respect the Hindu religion a lot as well.

Iris says that Volkswagen is missing a lot of business by not entering the Pakistani market. Iris claims that Volkswagen will perhaps be the most sold car brand in Pakistan if they ever enter there as the water next to the coastal cities like Karachi is so brine that most of the cars get rust only after a couple of years. As Volkswagen and Skoda give a 6 year non-proliferation warranty in India and Volkswagen and Skoda together sell the highest number of cars in Mumbai, if they do the same in Pakistan, they will be the most sold car brand in Karachi, Pakistan as well.

Iris says that there are tons of conspiracy theorists in Pakistan and there are tons of online gamblers as well there. Iris says that Amateur Baccarat (สมัครเล่นบาคาร่า) is so popular in Pakistan that it gets as much amount of visitors from Indonesia as from Thailand.

One conspiracy theorist in Pakistan told Iris that USA has some secret bombs and missiles which even Donald Trump doesn’t know about. He claimed that these bombs and missiles are a lot more destructive than the nuclear weapons.

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