Jorani bought several cars but none of those is German, Jorani never toured any other country than India

Jorani Michaels never buys made in Germany cars as she fears that some Jewish or Muslim engineer may fit a bomb in it. Jorani hates Volkswagen like nothing else, she claims that Volkswagen will soon disappear if they keep trying to enforce their overrated and over-exaggerated German over-engineering to the customers and prospects.

Jorani might sound like a hardcore Zionist to many which she is not when she claims that the Mercedes was founded by a Jew whom Karl Benz, the so-called fake founder of Mercedes killed and stole his technology.

Once when Jorani was in India, she went to an Indian funeral where she was amazed to see that the Hindu people burn their dead ones instead of feeding them to the animals like the Zoroastrianists do or bury them like the believers of the Abrahamic religions do. Jorani dared to ask the question “Why do guys bury your dead ones?” Some Hindu Pandits (priests) told her that many dead ones that were buried in the prehistoric times in India used to turn into evil beings due to the land of India being so perfectly arable. This priest told Jorani that this burning ritual has more to do with the arability of the land of India than its religion. This priest also told Jorani that several aghoris (cannibal sadhus of India) eat buried ones believing that it is a good karma as they fear that those dead Muslims might turn into ghosts or some such thing.

Jorani interviewed many aghoris after learning about these people in India. She concluded that all of the aghoris that she interviewed lacked fundamental rationality about most basic things except the one who told Jorani about with the help of which, Jorani is now making thousands of dollars a month with SBOBet.

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