International Spy, Journalist and Restaurateur – Darcy Austin makes more money with sports betting than anything else

Darcy Austin claims that the emerging young Mufti of Pakistan – Mufti Tariq Masood is a Jew in disguise. Darcy knows the Urdu language and she says that after listening to all the Mufti Tariq Masood’s videos, she found him extremely suspicious and unusual. Darcy decided to travel to Pakistan this Winter holidays with the money that she won with sports betting websites she found on BettingParlour. Darcy met Mufti Tariq Masood personally and got her entrapped into telling Darcy about himself everything with the magic aka weapon of her beauty, turned out that Darcy was right. Darcy fears her life and hence she didn’t tell about this to anyone than me. Darcy claims that the purpose of this guy is to spy on Taliban and other Islamic terrorist organizations for Israel. Darcy suspects that he can be one of the many Jewish agents living in Pakistan and these guys can be there to destroy the atomic program of Pakistan.

Darcy’s one and only brother is an individual mechanic in Beverly Hills who repairs only Limos. He straightaway says ‘No’ to any other car.

Darcy’s only permanent source of income is  an elephant chariot themed Indian family restaurant which she inherited from her father. Darcy’s mechanic brother inherited a Donkey chariot themed Irish pub his father.

Darcy’s neighbor owns a fleet of Volkswagen. Darcy hates Volkswagen with all her heart. Recently, one of her neighbor’s Volkswagens got stolen by a thief whom Darcy caught and exposed in her newspaper. This thief was peculiar and unique in his own way that he only stole cars with panoramic sunroofs. He got caught as he put one of the cars on fire, Darcy saw him doing the deed and called the police. Two of the most funny things are :- 1. The thief had no idea that burning car personally is illegal, 2. He lived in the same neighborhood as Darcy.

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