Indah Nori paid 500 bucks to a rookie web designer for a simple website after winning 15k USD with ItuQQ

Indah Nori got so excited after winning 15000 USD with a ItuQQ website which she found on a list which was told to her as the most trusted ItuQQ websites’s list that she paid a rookie web designer 500 US Dollars for creating a simple 5-page website, she didn’t even have an idea that she could create a full-fledged website absolutely free with WordPress.

After learning about the WordPress, Indah started spending one hour of her busy schedule to pursue her passion of automobile blogging and she has been making one post a day on average ever since. Indah once wrote that there is something about the Honda cars that fascinates her like no other. She says that she doesn’t like Acuras at all but she finds Hondas to be irresistible.

Indah doesn’t understand the obsession of Pakistanis and Mexicans with over-sized trucks and SUVs.

Indah claims that the European and American car-makers are still ahead their Japanese rivals in terms of technological and engineering prowess but they just don’t know how to make their cars more reliable and durable.

Indah says that the Ford needs to learn from the Honda and Nissan about how to offer the customer a large wheelbase in small and large cars alike. Indah says that although the Lincoln Navigator is almost as large as the Nissan Patrol, the comparison between their wheelbase and the difference in terms of space that the Nissan offers is phenomenal.

Indah says that a futuristic looking car design doesn’t deserve to be called as such as long as it doesn’t serve futuristic purposes.

Indah recently studied the automobile industry of India thoroughly and she has come to the conclusion that looking at the ever-rising sales of the Ford in India, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Ford becomes the next Maruti Suzuki of India. Indah says that if Ford keeps rising at this pace in India, it may take over 30% of the car market of India by the year 2032.

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