Mercedes Buffon started a perfume company with the amount she won with FIFA55 betting

Mercedes Buffon is a political analyst who claims that the current Indian Prime Minister is an American agent who has been plotted in India for several different reasons one of that is to destroy the ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation because NASA fears that ISRO is growing way too faster than any other space research organization and the US government can’t take it.

Mercedes says that no matter how badly the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi or the upcoming CIA agent Indian ministers try to undermine India, it is still going to come up as the second largest Indian by 2060, the largest economy by that time will be China without a doubt, she says.

Mercedes claims to have the highest respect for the nation of India due to the good time she had there when she worked as a North Goa escort.

Mercedes says that a modern human being cannot even imagine that how corrupt the first police force ever in Europe used to be. Mercedes claims that not even the most corrupt police force in the modern days can even compare to that but her husband – Kylian completely differs from Mercedes in this regard and rejects it as a myth created by the governments of the third world countries, especially the Arab ones and some mischievous authors.

Mercedes says that nothing else ever had a huge negative impact on herself than the death of her beloved grandmother. She says that she still has bad dreams and nightmares about that night when her grandmother died.

Mercedes recently started a perfume company with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the tricks and tips that she learnt with blogs like Venice Foursquare Church.

Mercedes claims that she never buys anything from discount and free offers shops both online and offline no matter how bad her financial situation is.

Mercedes has done an extensive study on the religion of Islam, Arabia, Arabian culture, history and traditions. Mercedes claims that before color green, it was the color yellow which was believed to be the color of paradise in the pagan Arabia.

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