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Popular online gambling club owner wants to achieve a member-count of millions

Kolab Kanitha frequently tries orange fasting to clean up her body from harmful chemicals, toxins and resins. She is very likely to orange fast for a day at least after she parties with her friends which happens quite too often.

Kolab used to be a hardcore weed smoker in her teens and claims that it didn’t kill any of her brain cells but did right the opposite. When I told her that there is no way that you can increase the number of brain cells, she replied “It made my existing brain cells much wiser and intelligent then. None of my friends is as intelligent or as wise as myself.”

Kolab has started an online gambling club of her own where she and other members discuss about the latest online gambling websites and games, especially bandar tembak ikan indonesia. She was first about to register a .com domain for her online club as she wasn’t aware of the fact that there are .club domain extensions available for the last couple of years but then she saw on the front page of the domain registrar website that they were offering .club domains for a mere $1.20 cents. She immediately decided to go for a .club extension.

Kolab has been trying hard enough to attract new members to her club and as you know that online gambling industry is hopping, the number of the members is ever-increasing on Kolab’s club but she doesn’t consider it enough as she has a plan to monetize her club and she wants to take the member-count to millions which is quite possible but she needs to push harder to achieve it.

A pizza restaurant full of waitresses wearing Rolex watches and diamond necklaces built with Domino99 money

Sean Kogan is a businessman from the city of Bandung, Indonesia. Sean recently created one of the most innovative restaurant businesses in the city of Bandung itself which he aims to spread all over the Indonesia and ultimately the world. Sean created an Italian Pizza restaurant where the pretty waitresses wear the most skimpy yet professional clothes possible to work at a restaurant. All the waitresses wear a Rolex watch and a diamond necklace as well. He recruited none other very lovely, welcoming, overall great personalities for his restaurant.

Without any doubt, for the gentlemen who love to spend time in the presence of some astonishing friendly beauties, this restaurant of Sean is the real deal. Gentlemen of affluence and class really find the presence of women as a great stimuli for the success and happiness. The ladies working at Sean’s restaurant as the waitresses are extremely good in their conduct, from morals to an excellent service commitment. The diversity of them cannot be understated either. From Russian, Indonesian, Indian to African, you might find the diversity of the waitresses at Sean’s restaurant as a five-star hotel buffet.

Sean himself has been celibate since his divorce with his wife 8 months ago. He doesn’t watch porn or masturbate but he has been struggling with wet dreams. He has joined a support group that goes by the name r/semenretention for help with the same and his wet dreams’ frequency has reduced a lot.

Sean’s favorite hobby and pastime is betting. His favorite gambling style is domino99 and that’s where he earns a great percentage of his money from.

Ex-rummy addict didn’t touch rummy for decades but got addicted to Hong Kong pools 2 months ago

Jesse Gaskins is a Swiss woman who respects and likes her privacy so much that she doesn’t have her real picture on any of her social media profile. At first, she was even thinking about putting her real name on any of those only to find out that nobody was accepting her friend request after doing so, then she just put her first name and saw some improvement in the friend request acceptance but still some of the people that she was very familiar with weren’t accepting her friend requests, so she finally decided to put her full real name there.

Jesse had a huge addiction of playing rummy with her friends in the college and since she got married she didn’t play any of that because she was afraid that her upcoming babies will also be born with that addiction only to realize it later on in their lives. So, she stopped gambling altogether. Jesse was so concerned about her future kids that she married the healthiest, most handsome and most intelligent man that she could find. One of her first priorities was that her future husband must not be a smoker or a drinker. Jesse’s husband is a monk when it comes to addictions. He doesn’t even play television when not necessary and only socializes with top people.

About 60-65 days ago while self-learning the Chinese language, Jesse stumbled upon an article about Hong Kong pools on a blog. Jesse just opened the website mentioned for playing Hong Kong pools hoping that she will just check it out and shut it but she couldn’t resist the temptation to bet and made a bet for 200 Euros and won it. Since then, 3 out of 4 times, she wins and that is making Jesse’s addiction to Hongkong prize worst but she is loving it.

Exceptionally qualified man’s wife cannot stop betting on Vera John Casino

Mike Wolfe believes in constant financial and spiritual growth. Mike owns one of the most popular clothing store in the downtown area of his city with an exclusive array of clothing for men and women. All the employees in Mike’s store are polite and very welcoming. Mike doesn’t tolerate a single undisciplined, rude or negative employee. He claims that they are like rotten apples who sooner or later destroy the whole business. Mike truly has a global mind and exceptional qualifications. Shoppers find Mike’s store brilliant 6 out of 7 times. When it is not brilliant, it is not bad either.

Mike doesn’t drink tea, coffee or caffeine of any sort whether it be in the form of diet soda or a regular soda but rather takes herbal ashwagandha for energy.

Each year Mike donates 25000 USD to organizations that fight poverty, HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, protect human rights and combat terrorism.

Mike holds a PhD in history from a premier institute.

Mike’s daughter Christina is a medical student who leaves everyone breathless with her overall great personality. She is very articulate and knows so well to carry a good conversation. Christina loves dancing, fun and socializing, going out in a cozy romantic occasion.

Mike’s wife Calina is very passionate about writing and gambling. As they say, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way”, since Calina lost her legs to a car accident, she has been gambling online and her most favorite gambling related website is

Calina also tried to make a fast buck online once, unfortunately she got all her websites banned for domain squatting.

Chirag Aneja says that astrology should be banned by the govt and the govt must popularize online betting

Chirag Aneja claims the so-called ‘only real astrologers of India’ can be renamed to ‘only real rapists’, Chirag says that 62% of the Indian astrologers have rape or other cases pending for similar sort of heinous crimes. Chirag feels sorry for thousands of foreign women (mainly from the United States and Israel) that travel all the way from their countries, leaving their business, employment, family, only to learn astrology or know their and their family’s future and they only get raped by these fake astrologers. Chirag has been campaigning against astrology and has requested government and the supreme court of India to ban astrology all over India but all her petitions have only got rejected yet.

Chirag has done a lot of research on the nations and areas that have ever been territories of Hinduism or the nation of ‘Bharat’. The most fascinating character that Chirag came across the modern times was Pol Pot of Cambodia. Chirag has read each and everything that she could find about Pot Pol and it came very surprising to Chirag that Pot Pol along with being a megalomaniac was a sex addict as well, Pot Pol married over 40 women and had over 495 mistresses.

Chirag recently exposed a Muslim man who faked being a Hindu sannyasi and a celibate from Haridwar. This fake man lied about being born out of a havan (worship fire) and about that he has no parents, his only parent is fire and the priest that was worshiping the fire. Chirag did a thorough research on this guy, turned out that he was born in a Muslim dominated slum neighborhood, got married at the age of 18, had 15 kids (8 daughters and 7 sons), got married 6 times, divorced 2 wives and is currently living with 4.

Chirag recently won millions of dollars with the help and support of the articles and topics on different online gambling forums and blogs that suggested her freebet terbaru and the surprising thing is that she is not keeping it a secret.

Won 2 million USD on Pengeluaran with just one trick that she learnt on a popular gambling blog

Sheila Ortega had a very lecherous spouse and the day she got the divorce was the best day of her life and the second best day was the one when she won 2 million USD on Pengeluaran SGP with just one trick that she learnt with different gambling blogs.

Sheila’s ex-husband made her life such a living hell that she started sleeping at a nearby graveyard fearing that he might kill her if she sleeps at home. He even punched her in the face many different times.  Before starting to sleep at the graveyard, Sheila took refuge at a friend’s house to save herself from that monster. He started accusing her of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend whenever she would somewhere other than his house.

When Sheila confirmed to him that she is pregnant, he started shouting that the child is not his and he even punched Sheila in the face, that was the day when she decided that she is getting a divorce from this monster.

Sheila recently learnt though a common friend that her ex-husband got handed a mental health warrant by the doctors. Sheila had a blast with her friends the day she learnt about this.

After Sheila’s ex-husband learnt that Sheila bought a luxury villa in Rio Largo with the money that she won with betting on a FIFA55 website, he was galvanized to start betting on FIFA55 websites himself, but unfortunately he couldn’t win anything but instead lost a bit.

The biggest deal-breaker in Sheila and her ex-husband’s life was his thinking that he could get away with punching Sheila, he had a notion that Sheila wouldn’t be able to survive alone without him, oops, was he wrong?

Wannabe clothing tycoon wants cannot stop betting on UFA

Sarahi Bialik is extremely selective about the employees that she chooses for her clothing brand that she inaugurated on 3rd June, 2016.

Sarahi’s eyes were filled with tears of pain when I asked her how her business is doing. She did her best to hide them and then she looked back at me with a huge confidence and promised that her brand will be a household name by the end of the year 2019.

Sarahi is locked in a struggle with several other new brands that are trying their best to mark in the clothing industry as well.

Sarahi is highly disciplined along with being ambitious, creative and determined. Sarahi is committed and determined to destroy all her nemesis which I know for sure she will never be able to. Let her daydream!

Sarahi’s sister is an infamous journalist who came into the limelight after she exposed one of the biggest hospital scams in the great Britain.

Sarahi wants to put her rivals into a jeopardy with a secret plan that she has which I know for certain is not going to work. If she tries hard enough, she will perhaps be able to outdo several of her relatively new competitors, but outdo them all? That’s just a big dream. Maybe she will be able to outdo them all if she invents a new type of clothing without any cotton, linen or polyester, anyways, although Sarahi is a highly disciplined lady, she hasn’t yet been able to get rid of her gambling addiction yet. She is still a UFAbet junkie and she reads all the posts about the same as well. She is perhaps reading this post while you are doing that too.

This chef has worked for 5 star hotels across the globe and the only similarity that she found among the people across the globe was their gambling habit

Iris Caron is a chef who claims that European food is the best for high energy, focus, memory, creativity and physical strength. Iris says that the European food is responsible for the Europe’s success and being called the first world.

Iris lived in Sindh and Gujarat for years where she worked as chef at different 5 star hotels. Iris says that import and export business is like a cultural thing in the Sindhi and Gujarati communities. Iris says that Sindhi and Gujarati people are emotionally very strong, never get hurt and believe in using the latest technology only. Iris says that Sindhi Muslims till date believe in Ramayana and Mahabharata and they respect the Hindu religion a lot as well.

Iris says that Volkswagen is missing a lot of business by not entering the Pakistani market. Iris claims that Volkswagen will perhaps be the most sold car brand in Pakistan if they ever enter there as the water next to the coastal cities like Karachi is so brine that most of the cars get rust only after a couple of years. As Volkswagen and Skoda give a 6 year non-proliferation warranty in India and Volkswagen and Skoda together sell the highest number of cars in Mumbai, if they do the same in Pakistan, they will be the most sold car brand in Karachi, Pakistan as well.

Iris says that there are tons of conspiracy theorists in Pakistan and there are tons of online gamblers as well there. Iris says that Amateur Baccarat (สมัครเล่นบาคาร่า) is so popular in Pakistan that it gets as much amount of visitors from Indonesia as from Thailand.

One conspiracy theorist in Pakistan told Iris that USA has some secret bombs and missiles which even Donald Trump doesn’t know about. He claimed that these bombs and missiles are a lot more destructive than the nuclear weapons.

Indah Nori paid 500 bucks to a rookie web designer for a simple website after winning 15k USD with ItuQQ

Indah Nori got so excited after winning 15000 USD with a ItuQQ website which she found on a list which was told to her as the most trusted ItuQQ websites’s list that she paid a rookie web designer 500 US Dollars for creating a simple 5-page website, she didn’t even have an idea that she could create a full-fledged website absolutely free with WordPress.

After learning about the WordPress, Indah started spending one hour of her busy schedule to pursue her passion of automobile blogging and she has been making one post a day on average ever since. Indah once wrote that there is something about the Honda cars that fascinates her like no other. She says that she doesn’t like Acuras at all but she finds Hondas to be irresistible.

Indah doesn’t understand the obsession of Pakistanis and Mexicans with over-sized trucks and SUVs.

Indah claims that the European and American car-makers are still ahead their Japanese rivals in terms of technological and engineering prowess but they just don’t know how to make their cars more reliable and durable.

Indah says that the Ford needs to learn from the Honda and Nissan about how to offer the customer a large wheelbase in small and large cars alike. Indah says that although the Lincoln Navigator is almost as large as the Nissan Patrol, the comparison between their wheelbase and the difference in terms of space that the Nissan offers is phenomenal.

Indah says that a futuristic looking car design doesn’t deserve to be called as such as long as it doesn’t serve futuristic purposes.

Indah recently studied the automobile industry of India thoroughly and she has come to the conclusion that looking at the ever-rising sales of the Ford in India, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Ford becomes the next Maruti Suzuki of India. Indah says that if Ford keeps rising at this pace in India, it may take over 30% of the car market of India by the year 2032.

Jorani bought several cars but none of those is German, Jorani never toured any other country than India

Jorani Michaels never buys made in Germany cars as she fears that some Jewish or Muslim engineer may fit a bomb in it. Jorani hates Volkswagen like nothing else, she claims that Volkswagen will soon disappear if they keep trying to enforce their overrated and over-exaggerated German over-engineering to the customers and prospects.

Jorani might sound like a hardcore Zionist to many which she is not when she claims that the Mercedes was founded by a Jew whom Karl Benz, the so-called fake founder of Mercedes killed and stole his technology.

Once when Jorani was in India, she went to an Indian funeral where she was amazed to see that the Hindu people burn their dead ones instead of feeding them to the animals like the Zoroastrianists do or bury them like the believers of the Abrahamic religions do. Jorani dared to ask the question “Why do guys bury your dead ones?” Some Hindu Pandits (priests) told her that many dead ones that were buried in the prehistoric times in India used to turn into evil beings due to the land of India being so perfectly arable. This priest told Jorani that this burning ritual has more to do with the arability of the land of India than its religion. This priest also told Jorani that several aghoris (cannibal sadhus of India) eat buried ones believing that it is a good karma as they fear that those dead Muslims might turn into ghosts or some such thing.

Jorani interviewed many aghoris after learning about these people in India. She concluded that all of the aghoris that she interviewed lacked fundamental rationality about most basic things except the one who told Jorani about with the help of which, Jorani is now making thousands of dollars a month with SBOBet.

Martial arts instructor is using her command in the Indonesian language for placing bets

Irma Bucak is a martial arts instructor who has a funny belief that the Southeast Asian people’s culture of clapping so much and clapping the loudest is the reason why this region of the world is one of the poorest. Irma literally believes that the act of clapping reduces creativity, passion and ambition for everything pro-life. When asked “Why if the people of this region are so anti-life are the largest in population?” Irma replied that there are two reasons behind this fact, the first one being that Southeast Asia has always been the most perfect land for agriculture and that’s the reason why so many tribes from all across the world traveled here throughout the history and settled down here forever, the second reason is that when the act of clapping steal away the passion and fun from life, the only way that people have to enjoy life is through sex otherwise they become suicidal and that’s the principal reason why the people of this region breed like rabbits.

Irma completed her martial arts training in Indonesia and along with taking training in martial arts, she learnt the Indonesian language as well there. Irma has been making the complete use of her command in the Thai language with learning gambling tips and tricks from top Indonesian football gambling agents (Agen Bola).

Irma is married to a cosmetic dentist and she never shows any objection to the requirement of her husband’s profession where he has to go too close to the mouth of the beautiful women that come to him for treatment but she doesn’t like her husband’s old habit of forgetting their wedding anniversary, his own birthday, Irma’s birthday and other important dates.

Irma’s husband claims that brushing your teeth has long-term bad effects but using Mouth Wash is beneficial instead. He recommends using Mouth Wash instead of toothpaste and toothbrush to all his patients.

International Spy, Journalist and Restaurateur – Darcy Austin makes more money with sports betting than anything else

Darcy Austin claims that the emerging young Mufti of Pakistan – Mufti Tariq Masood is a Jew in disguise. Darcy knows the Urdu language and she says that after listening to all the Mufti Tariq Masood’s videos, she found him extremely suspicious and unusual. Darcy decided to travel to Pakistan this Winter holidays with the money that she won with sports betting websites she found on BettingParlour. Darcy met Mufti Tariq Masood personally and got her entrapped into telling Darcy about himself everything with the magic aka weapon of her beauty, turned out that Darcy was right. Darcy fears her life and hence she didn’t tell about this to anyone than me. Darcy claims that the purpose of this guy is to spy on Taliban and other Islamic terrorist organizations for Israel. Darcy suspects that he can be one of the many Jewish agents living in Pakistan and these guys can be there to destroy the atomic program of Pakistan.

Darcy’s one and only brother is an individual mechanic in Beverly Hills who repairs only Limos. He straightaway says ‘No’ to any other car.

Darcy’s only permanent source of income is  an elephant chariot themed Indian family restaurant which she inherited from her father. Darcy’s mechanic brother inherited a Donkey chariot themed Irish pub his father.

Darcy’s neighbor owns a fleet of Volkswagen. Darcy hates Volkswagen with all her heart. Recently, one of her neighbor’s Volkswagens got stolen by a thief whom Darcy caught and exposed in her newspaper. This thief was peculiar and unique in his own way that he only stole cars with panoramic sunroofs. He got caught as he put one of the cars on fire, Darcy saw him doing the deed and called the police. Two of the most funny things are :- 1. The thief had no idea that burning car personally is illegal, 2. He lived in the same neighborhood as Darcy.

Mercedes Buffon started a perfume company with the amount she won with FIFA55 betting

Mercedes Buffon is a political analyst who claims that the current Indian Prime Minister is an American agent who has been plotted in India for several different reasons one of that is to destroy the ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation because NASA fears that ISRO is growing way too faster than any other space research organization and the US government can’t take it.

Mercedes says that no matter how badly the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi or the upcoming CIA agent Indian ministers try to undermine India, it is still going to come up as the second largest Indian by 2060, the largest economy by that time will be China without a doubt, she says.

Mercedes claims to have the highest respect for the nation of India due to the good time she had there when she worked as a North Goa escort.

Mercedes says that a modern human being cannot even imagine that how corrupt the first police force ever in Europe used to be. Mercedes claims that not even the most corrupt police force in the modern days can even compare to that but her husband – Kylian completely differs from Mercedes in this regard and rejects it as a myth created by the governments of the third world countries, especially the Arab ones and some mischievous authors.

Mercedes says that nothing else ever had a huge negative impact on herself than the death of her beloved grandmother. She says that she still has bad dreams and nightmares about that night when her grandmother died.

Mercedes recently started a perfume company with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the tricks and tips that she learnt with blogs like Venice Foursquare Church.

Mercedes claims that she never buys anything from discount and free offers shops both online and offline no matter how bad her financial situation is.

Mercedes has done an extensive study on the religion of Islam, Arabia, Arabian culture, history and traditions. Mercedes claims that before color green, it was the color yellow which was believed to be the color of paradise in the pagan Arabia.