Mr Chow is living the Swedish life being chauffeured in his Volvo XC90 Excellence

Niu Chow is a Korean gentleman who has been living in Sweden for the past 6 years. Niu says that smart, rich and classy men and women buy a Mercedes S-Class or a Volvo XC90 Excellence if they are looking for a chauffeur driven car while the rich and stupid show-offs buy a Rolls Royce or Bentley. Niu really walked the talk in his personal case and he went for a Volvo XC90 Elegance after he won 6.7 million South Korean Won with a Toto website.

Niu Chow is very critical of many luxury car manufacturers and is appreciative of several others. Niu Chow says that the car makers have forgotten that luxury is more about the personal comfort that it is about showing-off. He says that the solidity and quality of the interiors of a car is far more important than its plushness. He also says that the sizable girth in a car and great handling generally don’t go together some of the exceptions that he knows of are BMW and Porsche cars and SUVs.

Niu Chow is extremely critical of the Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer. Niu says that Mercedes Benz’s Automatic Transmissions are unmatched and unparalleled in quality, durability and reliability but you won’t hear this from guys like Scotty Kilmer because he is clearly paid by Toyota to promote them full-time. Niu even doubts that whether Scotty is a real mechanic or he reads from a script. Niu tried to go live with Scotty Kilmer several times but Niu says that he perhaps deliberately comes up late and only answers the questions which he can find answers of through the internet. Niu laughed his ass off each time equally when Scotty said in a couple of his videos that Toyota makes the best CVT gearboxes and they are even better than the Volkswagen’s DSG.

Niu Chow is a great believer in occult practices like sex magic and this can be known from the fact that he is very frequent to one and only one particular escort agency in Israel. He regularly sex with high class Israel escorts who are experts in the art of sexual alchemy far superior to the one taught by so-called Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

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