Georgian Neurologist is so scared of the negatively affecting colors that he decided to download a Blank Calendar instead for the upcoming year

Dr Dylan Schad is a Neurologist from Savannah, Georgia, who claims to have treated at least two men who were already diabetic and went through peripheral neuropathy after taking Jilly Juice for only a couple of days. For those who don’t know, Jilly Juice is a fraudulent juice, which the founder Jillian Epperly claims can make the drinker live for 400 years, regrow limbs, cure homosexuality, and so on. The juice has already caused few deaths in such a short span of time and the founder has not been selling the same for over a year now after being exposed by a few Youtubers and by Dr Phil McGraw of the Dr Phil Show on the show itself.

Dr Dylan believes that misdiagnosing is still the greatest weakness in the field of neurology.

Dr Dylan claims that the theory that different languages activate different parts of the human brain and the exaggeration of how much of an impact such activations have on the human brain serves no purpose. Dr Dylan claims that those activations are pretty temporary and are of no use in the long-term if you are not a 24/7 chatter.

Dr Dylan claims to have been working on finding the exact effect that seeing different colors has on the human brain. He claims that seeing some colors have a detrimental effect on the human brain while some are just the opposite. Dr Dylan adds that some colors seem to have no effect at all on the human brain and that mainly includes colors like light pink, light green, light orange. For this very reason, Dr Dylan decided to download a Blank Calendar for the year 2020 from the internet and he will decide the colors after thinking thoroughly as which are the best ones.

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