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Gambler uncle did his best to hide his gambling websites aka money machine but failed

Nadia Baig is a Pakistani woman who after having worked for a South Goa escort service says that the Indian subcontinent’s relationship and family culture is worse than the slavery. She also says that the Indian subcontinent’s people suffer from a slave mentality and they don’t know at all what freedom is and means. Most Indian subcontinental people worship celebrities and politicians like demigods. She says that the Greek gods would feel inferior to these Indian subcontinent’s celebrities and politicians if they ever see how much they are revered for nothing. They don’t have any talent, wisdom, skills or magnetism, people are mad for them because their slave mentality continuously asks them all day to worship demigods which the people of Indian subcontinent are popular for 6000 years. Hinduism is a pagan religion and pagans worship idols and have no morals at all.

Nadia’s brother Haroon fell in love with a girl and her mother whom he saw at a local market. Since then he is having seizure outbreaks. He didn’t tell the reason behind his seizure outbreaks to anyone except Nadia. He told Nadia that both the daughter and the mother looked like angels, while the mother had a heavenly body, the daughter had the face of an angel. He didn’t dare approach any of the two but since he came back home, all he had been thinking was these 2 ladies. If Nadia goes ahead and tells her parents why Haroon is having seizure outbreaks, they will be mad at him which will only increase the complications and pain for Haroon.

Anyways, Nadia’s uncle Orya is a full-time gambler and gambling is haram in Islam. Orya knows this but he doesn’t care and he is so cunning that he doesn’t tell about his gambling addiction to anyone. He used to be the poorest in the whole family but since he has been gambling, he is the richest in all of the family. His gambling addiction came into the limelight of Haroon and Nadia when they borrowed his laptop and he forgot to delete his history. His browsing history was full of FIFA55 websites and gambling related blogs.

Mr Chow is living the Swedish life being chauffeured in his Volvo XC90 Excellence

Niu Chow is a Korean gentleman who has been living in Sweden for the past 6 years. Niu says that smart, rich and classy men and women buy a Mercedes S-Class or a Volvo XC90 Excellence if they are looking for a chauffeur driven car while the rich and stupid show-offs buy a Rolls Royce or Bentley. Niu really walked the talk in his personal case and he went for a Volvo XC90 Elegance after he won 6.7 million South Korean Won with a Toto website.

Niu Chow is very critical of many luxury car manufacturers and is appreciative of several others. Niu Chow says that the car makers have forgotten that luxury is more about the personal comfort that it is about showing-off. He says that the solidity and quality of the interiors of a car is far more important than its plushness. He also says that the sizable girth in a car and great handling generally don’t go together some of the exceptions that he knows of are BMW and Porsche cars and SUVs.

Niu Chow is extremely critical of the Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer. Niu says that Mercedes Benz’s Automatic Transmissions are unmatched and unparalleled in quality, durability and reliability but you won’t hear this from guys like Scotty Kilmer because he is clearly paid by Toyota to promote them full-time. Niu even doubts that whether Scotty is a real mechanic or he reads from a script. Niu tried to go live with Scotty Kilmer several times but Niu says that he perhaps deliberately comes up late and only answers the questions which he can find answers of through the internet. Niu laughed his ass off each time equally when Scotty said in a couple of his videos that Toyota makes the best CVT gearboxes and they are even better than the Volkswagen’s DSG.

Niu Chow is a great believer in occult practices like sex magic and this can be known from the fact that he is very frequent to one and only one particular escort agency in Israel. He regularly sex with high class Israel escorts who are experts in the art of sexual alchemy far superior to the one taught by so-called Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

She is one of the topmost sellers on eBay and Shopify and one of the luckiest gamblers in real life

Deborah Damo resells smartwatches imported from the Republic of China for 8 times the price that she buys those for on websites like eBay, OLX, Craigslist, Shopify and not to mention – her own online store. She is planning to build her own brick and mortar store in the downtown area of Hot Springs, Arkansas. One of Deborah’s biggest customers is her neighbor who has bought at least 330 watches by now from her.

Deborah claims that women have a sexual appetite that is 19 times greater than that of the men, the only thing that the women are better at is controlling their desire. Deborah says that the 9th commandment should have been “You shall covet your neighbor’s wife” instead of “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife”. To satiate this appetite of her, Deborah used to work as a Foreigner Escort in Mumbai which along with satiating her appetite also made her a lot of money.

Deborah’s sister is married to a very strict Orthodox Jew who doesn’t work at all on the Sabbath day.

Deborah’s father used to be one of the greatest American disciples of the Indian female guru – Malti Shetty. He was an introvert who abandoned his family for so-called spiritual values and growth. Deborah’s mother never married again.

Deborah belongs to a tribe that worships mountains. Deborah’s family members still worship mountains but Deborah never did it since she became a teenager or you might as well say that since she hit the puberty.

Deborah used to be a constant attention seeker during her teenage years and in her early 20s. She would do stupidest stuff to get the people’s attention, especially that of the men’s in her early years but one thing which most consider as evil but turned out to be great for Deborah is online gambling (judi online), she started gambling at an early age to seek attention, she didn’t receive any attention that she seek with it but she has been quite lucky with it yet.

Punjabi-Arora-American lady hates Khatris and loves sports betting

Eva Wadhwa loves tiny dogs like Chihuahua, Poodle, Bichon Frise, Maltipoo.

Eva grew up in Punjabi circles of Singapore and growing up she found the first generation Punjabi-Khatri-Americans to be rough, mean and hostile towards Arora people. The Khatris think of themselves very highly and they have a history of persecuting every other caste in India, be it Jatts, Gujjars, Aroras, Sindhis, Marwaris, Baniyas and even Brahmins. The only people that Khatris fear are the Rajputs and they haven’t ever been able to win a war against them. Still all that Khatris do is praise themselves all day all night long and that’s all. They are one of the poorest

Eva loves to dress up in all black leather like a Cat-woman to crave attention which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, she just have to take care to make it very clear to her subconscious mind that obsessing over attention is really bad. Sometimes when she doesn’t get the attention that she seeks she gets disappointed. Obsessing over attention doesn’t bring anything to the table though it may attract wrong people. Craving attention from strangers is and always will be an absolute cancer.

Eva cannot get enough of Salve Regina: Gregorian Chant and it has become like her national anthem.

Eva doesn’t like conversing uselessly or gossiping at all, this is one cancer that she recognizes as being cancer literally. Even if Eva ever finds herself gossiping which if she ever does, she does it to improve her relationships with the other people, she feels so drained afterwards. She always wants to talk about the things that either interest or improve her, not just for the sake of talking.

Eva is very frequent to the sports betting Singapore and she reads a lot about online gambling to improve her skills regarding the same.

She uncovers conspiracies, works out 100 minutes a day and plays fish shooting online

Shikha Raisani says that weight gain and aging are a curse and that’s why she keeps taking weight loss supplements, exercises for 100 minutes a day and takes several different anti-aging ayurvedic and Chinese supplements.

According to Shikha Raisani, “Whatever the Indian media depicts is either a conspiracy, agenda or paid news. The #metoo movement spread the Indian media is one example of the atrocities of the Indian media, first they popularized the forgotten third class actress – Tanushree Dutta by buying views for her videos on the Youtube and once those videos reached on the front page of the Youtube and people were reminded of who Tanushree Dutta is, the media signaled Tanushree Dutta to open her mouth and accuse whichever actor doesn’t pay the media the monthly package that they extort from these actors. She accused every innocent male actor that doesn’t pay up the Indian media its monthly package including Nana Patekar. Then several other modern and vintage actresses popped up including Himani Shivpuri who accused Alok Nath – the sanskari babuji of exploiting her.”

Shikha also says that Kangana Ranaut accusing Hrithik Roshan of exploiting her was a conspiracy of the Indian media because even after being such a great star – Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan aren’t willing to pay up the media their buck for promoting him. Kangana’s accusations against Aditya Pancholi are totally believable but Adhyayan Suman and Hrithik Roshan are mere scapegoats. The Indian media is a mafia organization.

When Shikha is not working out, managing her business or uncovering the conspiracies, eating or sleeping, she is busy betting on fish shooting websites. Her favorite fish shooting (game bắn cá) websites are all in Vietnamese language including HL8 .

Georgian Neurologist is so scared of the negatively affecting colors that he decided to download a Blank Calendar instead for the upcoming year

Dr Dylan Schad is a Neurologist from Savannah, Georgia, who claims to have treated at least two men who were already diabetic and went through peripheral neuropathy after taking Jilly Juice for only a couple of days. For those who don’t know, Jilly Juice is a fraudulent juice, which the founder Jillian Epperly claims can make the drinker live for 400 years, regrow limbs, cure homosexuality, and so on. The juice has already caused few deaths in such a short span of time and the founder has not been selling the same for over a year now after being exposed by a few Youtubers and by Dr Phil McGraw of the Dr Phil Show on the show itself.

Dr Dylan believes that misdiagnosing is still the greatest weakness in the field of neurology.

Dr Dylan claims that the theory that different languages activate different parts of the human brain and the exaggeration of how much of an impact such activations have on the human brain serves no purpose. Dr Dylan claims that those activations are pretty temporary and are of no use in the long-term if you are not a 24/7 chatter.

Dr Dylan claims to have been working on finding the exact effect that seeing different colors has on the human brain. He claims that seeing some colors have a detrimental effect on the human brain while some are just the opposite. Dr Dylan adds that some colors seem to have no effect at all on the human brain and that mainly includes colors like light pink, light green, light orange. For this very reason, Dr Dylan decided to download a Blank Calendar for the year 2020 from the internet and he will decide the colors after thinking thoroughly as which are the best ones.

Amateur Biblical and Jewish scholar acts a poor catholic nun on her website and plays ‘togel’ secretly

Miley Epstein owns a catholic meme website that runs on donations. Miley is an atheist herself but on her website she plays the role of a strict catholic woman who never violated any biblical law.

In reality, Miley is a biblical and Jewish history scholar nonetheless, her favorite book of all time is the ‘Book of Esther’. She has read it at least 11-12 times and finds it as much fascinating each time as she did during her first read.

Miley’s father was a 55 year old drug addict who died due to sudden heart attack. Miley never tried drugs herself, looking at the condition of her beloved father was enough to make her refrain from the poison called drugs forever.

Miley focuses a lot on her diet, she eats only health food, she eats less calories than she burns and keeps on bulking more, she feels very energetic all the time due to her diet. She works out 10 hours a week. She also takes Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake everyday.

Miley uses ‘myfitnesspal’ (an iphone app) to track all the food that she eats and recommends the same to all her friends and family members who want to stay fit and healthy.

One of the greatest turning points in the financial condition of Miley was when she won a million dollar bet on a Malay online togel website – Since then Miley’s economic condition has only been going through an upward slope.

Recently, Miley enjoyed her vacation to the island country of Malta and Gozo thoroughly, she loved everything about Malta but didn’t like the extravagant traffic on the road. She says “The traffic is too much to be true, they need to build infrastructure in a way so that the traffic doesn’t hurt as much”.

Hyperactive celibate stunning young lady made a fortune with Hanabet

Budhiwati Yao always believed in creating a life that she really wanted. Budhiwati is a stunning beauty and she used to drive men crazy with making eye contact with them when she was a teen.

Budhiwati has always been on a different level no matter what it is. She was a wonderful student, she was great at sports in her school days, badminton, soccer, basketball, she played it all. But her most favorite was cycling.

Budhiwati always had a great sense of humor as well.  Budhiwati believes in celibacy and sisterhood. Budhiwati is a member of celibate females cult and never plans to get married or have sex.

Budhiwati got her tubes tied 10 years ago when she decided that she is never going to have a baby. Budhiwati suffered with PCOS for a short span in her late teens.

Budhiwati has a sister who is a pathological liar. Budhiwati has never seen a liar like her own sister in her life. She lied about being pregnant, she lied about passing the examinations, she lied about going to a college while she would just wander through the shopping malls or hang out with her friends. Budhiwati once received an email from one of her sister’s friends who told Budhiwati what was going on in reality in her sister’s life and how she was fooling all her family.

Anyways, Budhiwati has found a great secret of becoming multi-millionaire. Budhiwati has been multiplying her money betting on hanabet mobile and has successfully turned her 150 US Dollars into 75000 US Dollars within 50 days already.

Meditation is harmful and can get you indebted, football gambling websites are beneficial and will get you out of the debt

Ariel Chorley claims that dome shaped architecture and dome shaped buildings were once a symbol of civilization. Ariel says that she has read a lot of medieval and pre-medieval history and the architects that weren’t able to create dome shaped structures used to envy the architects that could create dome shaped structures like Donald Trump envies Bill Clinton.

Ariel’s best friend – Balraj (an Indian-American) is a gay who has been trying hard to change his sexual orientation since he learnt how god destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; the cities that were almost entirely involved in homosexual activities in the biblical times.

Ariel’s grandfather was one of the most prominent bicycle manufacturers of all times. Ariel always has a chip on her shoulder that she has the DNA of such a legendary, strong and revolutionary man.

Ariel says that she has personally observed that handsome men have good hearts while the ones who are not do not have it.

Ariel doubts that most of the modern car magazines are commercially biased including most of the big ones.

Ariel says that religious people can never be innovative and the people who think about innovations all the time can never be religious.

Ariel hates Buddhism a lot as she was hugely involved in the same at one point of time and it made her meditate so much that she stopped focusing on her business and ended up becoming indebted. Ariel says that meditation gives the same effect to the brain as the drugs do, Ariel says that meditation doesn’t take your worries away but makes you forget you about the same which is bad for the long-term.

Ariel has got out of her debts since she started gambling on online football gambling websites through bookies (bandar bola online).

Miss Bianco left her high-paying job to pursue her dreams, thanks to the slot machines and related online forums

Miss Karla Bianco left her high-paying business development managing job to pursue her passion to find the greatest global automobile forum and marketplace ever. Karla knows that it may even take years to make her dream a success but she says that she needn’t worry about putting the food on her table anymore as she has found a goldmine in online free slot machines (losimo automatai online nemokamai). Karla says that winning bets online has become as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of one online gambling related forum that has been helping her in this pursuit.

Karla has some pretty interesting things to say about the automobile industry including some conspiracy theories like Karla claims that the founder of KIA Motors is in reality the nephew of Chung Mong-Koo in disguise. Karla says that the KIA was founded with the help of a very smart plan as the topmost management and their advisers knew that nobody is going to buy a Hyundai after buying it once because of its lack-luster driving dynamics which makes the driver feel isolated from the road, the unreliability of their cars as you may ask any Hyundai owner how many electrical issues he/she has faced over time with his Hyundai and hence they needed to find something to lure the customer all over again towards their junk cars which made them find Kia.

One of Karla’s nieces is crazy about the SEO and she is the one who told Karla that Hyundai spends millions of dollars a year to spread the positive rumors about Hyundai’s reliability.

Karla says that she cannot forget the moment when she was in the 8th grade and she learnt about sex and she was shocked learning about the process with which she was born and she could not believe when she learnt what her parents do regularly when she herself and her siblings fall asleep.