Hyperglot circus owner’s brother bought a Force Dynamics 401cr with the money he won with Mimpi 2D

Vaina Berli has done an extensive research on the ancient, prehistoric and medieval people. Vaina says that the ancient people used to have running noses all the time. Vaina was shocked to learn that a tribe in ancient Africa was just killed by another tribe in the dark of one night just because this tribe used to believe that the Sun regularly has sexual intercourse with the moon which infuriated the killer tribe.

Vaina also read and learnt about an Indian sage who wrote Ramayana claimed that there is a planet which just looks like the ginger, he made a terrific claim that whomsoever visits that planet and comes back successfully to earth will always stay young and become immortal.

Vaina decided to become a hyperglot (a person who speaks more than 12 languages) to feel important, unique and intellectual, she claims that she will soon break the record of Ziad Fazah (a Liberian businessman who speaks 58 languages and is learning more of those).

Vaina’s brother is a commercial link broker who claims to have developed the most accurate IQ measuring tool. This brother of Vaina recently bought a used Force Dynamics 401cr through eBay as the new ones aren’t available for sale at the moment, it cost him 88, 000 US Dollar and when Vaina asked her brother about where he got so much money, he told her that he won the same with mimpi 2d.

Vaina is very critical of most modern professional comedians, she says that many modern professional comedians are very funny but most of them don’t tell relevant jokes.

Vaina is a circus owner who actively participates in seminars and other similar programs in order to expand her business and make herself and her business better.

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