Mr Angchuan wants to buy a Tesla Model X with that LSM money

Kata Angchuan is an Astronautics scholar but her passion is Bacteriology. She claims that she has read each and every book available on the subject of Bacteriology.

Kata is an atheist herself but she celebrates the festivals of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews to promote religious harmony. Kata loves Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas.

Kata’s husband – Jackie is a car enthusiast but Kata doesn’t give a hoot about the cars. You can learn about how much Kata doesn’t care about the cars by learning that she didn’t even know what is an Aston Martin until she heard her most favorite rapper ever – Rick Ross’s song ‘Aston Martin Music’. Along with learning about Aston Martin car, Kata also learnt that there is a handsome Half-Jewish Half-Black rapper that goes by the name ‘Dizzy Drake’.

Kata’s husband – Jackie says that studying Biochemistry helped him a lot in his personal life.
Jackie has been trying to build a new type of airbag that will be quicker and safer than the SRS airbags and will cost a lost less on the manufacturer’s part.

Jackie advises to his friends and family to never argue with a Fiat fanboy, they are so dumb.

Jackie is not a Tesla fanboy but he appreciates the Tesla company and Elon Musk a lot for what they have achieved in such a short span of time. Jackie says that the Tesla is responsible for making the electric cars one of the mainstream category of cars. Jackie says that he remembers the time when electric cars used to be tiny and awkward looking cars driven mostly by the environment friendly people. Looking at the number of Tesla haters, Jackie says that no matter how much you hate Tesla, its founder and its chiefs, what the brand has achieved cannot be undermined.

Jackie’s next short-term goal is to buy himself a Tesla Model X with the money he wins with betting on UFABET.

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