Citra bought Renault Twizy with Major Safety Park money and the attention her Twizy is getting is unbelievable

Citra Machari recently won enough money to buy her a Bentley Mulsanne with 메이저안전공원 but she instead decided to buy a Renault Twizy and use the rest of the money to start a windshield business. Citra says that the kind of attention she gets driving her Renault Twizy is far greater than she expected before buying it. Citra doubts that she gets some extra attention for her long and curly hair as well.

Citra used to own a Mitsubishi Lancer before and she says that she never going to buy a Mitsubishi ever again because of the poor experience she had before. The spare parts of Mitsubishi are not available easily in Indonesia, their cars heat up too quickly, Mitsubishi cars are not as reliable, durable or fuel efficient as Toyota or Honda and even Nissan.
One of Citra’s good friends recently bought an Audi A6 and she claims that the Audi has come a long way, now Audis are more reliable, more fun to drive, more durable and better engineered than the BMWs.

Citra believes that electric cars are not the future of the car industry. Citra says that her gut tells her that some far more innovative technology which will make the car run absolutely free and without any compromises is going to appear by 2025 and take over the car industry while the gasoline and electric cars will rest in peace.

Citra agrees with perhaps the most popular mechanic Youtuber when he says that Jaguar makes the sportiest looking cars and they are very fun to drive but what’s the point when your car is always going to be in the repair shop.

After Citra bought a Renault, her brother a Citroen and her sister a Peugeot, the siblings have come to the conclusion that buying a Renault, Peugeot or Citroen is as smart a decision as deciding to buy a Honda, Toyota or Isuzu. All three siblings agree that Honda and Toyota have become way too overconfident in the past 2 decades and they have started to believe that no matter how bad their vehicles are, they are going to sell and act as money machines for their shareholders.

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