Ice cream and coffee shop owner from Seoul started playing Toto online after witnessing a good friend making 600 dollars a day with the same

Darren LaZarre owns an ice cream and coffee shop in one of the most popular commercial areas of the Seoul city in South Korea.

Darren is also a blogger and he writes on his blog that he hates it when the ice cream parlour owners pride themnselves on having long waiting lines all the time. Darren writes that his own ice cream parlour is also busy all the times but he has successfully managed to keep the long queues organized.

Darren writes that his business is always high on the rainy days for almost everything that he sells, including ice cream, coffee and snacks.

Darren recently made a lot of fun of a neighboring ice cream parlour that named itself some related to “Fart” only to suffer losses all the time and being forced to shut down within a matter of months.

Darren writes on his blog that the demand for ice cream that promises increased sexual vigor is on a constant rise for a while now.

Darren has only indoor seating available. He says that it is stupid to have outdoor seating for an ice cream and coffee business and it is super-stupid to have nothing but outdoor seating for such a business.

Darren is proud of the fact that his ice cream and coffee shop’s regular customers only visit his shop even though it has one of the worst parkings in the area.

Darren writes that after a long decline in sales, French fries are gaining popularity again which means greater business for Darren’s ice cream and coffee shop.

Darren has started betting on different Korean Toto websites (토토사이트) after he saw that one of his good friends makes 600 dollars a day on an average doing nothing but playing Toto online.

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