Blogger escapes this lunatic world with Toto websites

Raven Parker is a British born Thai citizen author and blogger who currently lives in the city called Mae Sot. Raven was raised a Protestant but she claims that she has been an atheist since her very teenage years.

Raven’s blog is full of posts regarding different Doctors of the Church and the institutions that they created.

In one 5000 words long post about Raven’s observation and opinion on the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas, she wrote that it wasn’t the Thomas Aquinas’ family that intended for him to follow his uncle into the abbacy, but instead they wanted him to choose the military services instead. Thomas Aquinas himself was very much interested in becoming a celibate priest and that’s what got his mother even angry on him, because Thomas Aquinas grew up to be a handsome young man and her mother would want him to have some children and a beautiful wife.

Raven completely agrees with Saint Thomas Aquinas when he said that a philosopher falls short of true and proper wisdom but she doesn’t agree with him when he said that proper wisdom is found in Christian revelation.

Raven wrote that there is no way that Saint Thomas Aquinas could levitate. She writes that he didn’t even meditate, let alone levitate. She claims to have visited several different Hindu ashrams where the Hindu sages that claimed that they could levitate were all found to be nothing but liars.

Raven finds all the so-called Saints, Sages and Saviors as hypocrites because they all only focus on the goal of the human existence but they never care about the goal of the animal existence or how can they be blissful. Raven says that if as per their claim, the god is with them, all the time, then why does he/she only tells them about how the human beings can be happy, why doesn’t he/she tell them how to make the animals happy or in which state are the animals happy or other things about the animal kingdom.

To escape from this lunatic world, Raven has hours long rendezvous with her favorite Toto website (토토사이트) and calls it the best time of her day.

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