Bali’s Cosmetic Surgeon rewards himself with a football bet each time he completes performing a surgery

Dr Dumadi Mulyadi is a cosmetic surgeon from the Island of Bali in Indonesia who believes that a union of cosmetic surgeons should start working on the ideas of how to save the time of the patients. He also believes that nobody can do it but the cosmetic surgeons themselves. He says that cosmetic surgeons from around the world must be obliged to pay these doctors a monthly donation, including the ones that do not practice but are certified cosmetic surgeons.

On his blog, Dr Dumadi writes that some people do not get treated for the dynamic wrinkles even when they need it because they have no money for the treatment or they find it beautiful or they fear the treatment, but rather because they feel that it is a sign and symptom of their life experience. He writes that same is the case with grey or white hair, many people never dye their hair because they feel that it is a sign and symptom of their life experience as well.

Dr Dumadi advises to never visit a plastic/cosmetic surgeon who is not board certified. He writes that you must always first make sure that the surgeon that you are going to visit is board certified.

Dr Dumadi writes that if you still think after so much of advancement in the field of liposuction that it is 100% safe then you are naive.

Dr Dumadi claims to have performed thousands of liposuctions himself and he claims to have never received a complain of any infection or some such thing.

Dr Dumadi rewards himself with one football bet (Taruhan Bola) each time he successfully completes performing a surgery and he claims that doing this has really increased his productivity a lot.

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