Whatsapp the name of your favorite online casino to your friends just like Alyssa Zarialova did

Alyssa Zavialova is an author and blogger from the city of Tomsk, Russia who believes that living in the colder regions tends to have a positive effect on the lifespans of the people. She likes to give examples of the Scandinavian countries and Japan but when asked that why they don’t have as high life expectancy in Russia, her answer is weird, she replies that if the Russians weren’t addicted to having pets, they would have longer lifespans as well, which doesn’t impress the most at all.

Alyssa also believes that evolution has more to do with a person’s lifespan than healthcare. She says that where the people aren’t as well-read but have better healthcare, they tend to have lower life expectancy compared to the parts of the world where people are better educated but have a poor healthcare system.

Alyssa is highly impressed by the Whatsapp and its success. She says that she doesn’t know anyone who would have thought a decade ago that SMS would be considered obsolete and outdated in a few years, god bless the Whatsapp’s developers and founders. Alyssa says that she keeps Whatsapping the list of the honest and genuine online casinos that she keep coming across, just yesterday she sent the name of proreelemperor.ru to all her friends and adult family members who are all online casino freaks.

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