Old New Yorker prefers New Zealand’s casinos over those of New York

Alan Haney is an old blogger from the New York City who is extremely disappointed to see Delmonico’s at 2 South William Street not being a popular location anymore and the only thing that is popular about it anymore is its Wikipedia page and the tales about it.

Alan writes on his blog that there was a time when the restaurants at Delmonico used to be the most favorite of personalities like Nikola Tesla and JP Morgan. Today, it is the most favorite place for a few 80 plus people that only come here for some nostalgia.

Alan writes on his blog that those who make fun of the Quebec French, must learn that if there were no French, there would have been no French revolution and hence no modern democracy and freedom. He further adds that there wouldn’t have been a fascinating personality like Montesquieu either in that case.

Alan claims to have done an extensive research on the Lost tribes of Israel and he claims that the Lost tribes of Israel are none other than the Kashmiri Pandits (The Priests of Kashmir) in India. Alan claims that one of the reasons why the Lost tribes of Israel chose Kashmir to be their new land was that it is hilly like Israel, it has a great cold weather, it is scenic and last but not the least, it was almost completely vacant. Alan claims that the Lost Tribes of Israel named their land after Kashrut aka Kosher. Alan writes that there is no reason to not believe that Kashmiris aren’t the Lost Tribes of Israel, he says that they have similar surnames, they have named their towns and neighborhoods in similar to the Hebrew words and last but not the least, they eat meat, which very few priestly tribes in India do and they even eat lamb meat which no other caste, tribe or people belonging to a specific region do.

Alan also lived in New Zealand for 5 years and his only favorite thing to do while he was there used to be betting on nzd online casinos.

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