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Ice cream and coffee shop owner from Seoul started playing Toto online after witnessing a good friend making 600 dollars a day with the same

Darren LaZarre owns an ice cream and coffee shop in one of the most popular commercial areas of the Seoul city in South Korea.

Darren is also a blogger and he writes on his blog that he hates it when the ice cream parlour owners pride themnselves on having long waiting lines all the time. Darren writes that his own ice cream parlour is also busy all the times but he has successfully managed to keep the long queues organized.

Darren writes that his business is always high on the rainy days for almost everything that he sells, including ice cream, coffee and snacks.

Darren recently made a lot of fun of a neighboring ice cream parlour that named itself some related to “Fart” only to suffer losses all the time and being forced to shut down within a matter of months.

Darren writes on his blog that the demand for ice cream that promises increased sexual vigor is on a constant rise for a while now.

Darren has only indoor seating available. He says that it is stupid to have outdoor seating for an ice cream and coffee business and it is super-stupid to have nothing but outdoor seating for such a business.

Darren is proud of the fact that his ice cream and coffee shop’s regular customers only visit his shop even though it has one of the worst parkings in the area.

Darren writes that after a long decline in sales, French fries are gaining popularity again which means greater business for Darren’s ice cream and coffee shop.

Darren has started betting on different Korean Toto websites (토토사이트) after he saw that one of his good friends makes 600 dollars a day on an average doing nothing but playing Toto online.

Acarologist from East Jakarta loves her profession and Live Casinos

Traci Ross is an Acarologist from the city of East Jakarta, Indonesia who claims that the mosquitos can never contribute to the field of gerontology at all.

Traci Ross likes to jokle that the knowledge of gerontology should be kept away and a secret from the old biddies.

Traci Ross believes that Thai people should rather research on the bodies of the Giant Water Bugs aka Belostomatidae than eating them. She adds that the Giant Water Bugs aren’t that delicious anyway but she is certain that researching their bodies can bring upon great fruits.

Traci personally finds all the planthoppers extremely cute and she feels extremely sad when they kill those for whatsoever purpose or reason or when they die naturally as well.

Traci writes that the more they study Asian Tiger Mosquito aka Aedes Albopictus, the more confused they get. She adds that it is better to get rid of each and every Asian Tiger Mosquito that is alive on the face of the earth.

Traci claims that the examinations of beetles can help different fields of modern western medicine than most of the doctors think. She has already written to her favorite physician – Dr Lawrence Wilson, who does a program on the radio as well to think about it.

Traci believes that the gerontologists have been wasting their precious time by studying termites. She believes that they ought to study Brentidae instead. Traci writes that she is amazed to see that there is not much study done on the bodies of Brentidaes.

Like most other fun Acarologists, Traci likes to bet once in a while on a Live Casino.

Blogger escapes this lunatic world with Toto websites

Raven Parker is a British born Thai citizen author and blogger who currently lives in the city called Mae Sot. Raven was raised a Protestant but she claims that she has been an atheist since her very teenage years.

Raven’s blog is full of posts regarding different Doctors of the Church and the institutions that they created.

In one 5000 words long post about Raven’s observation and opinion on the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas, she wrote that it wasn’t the Thomas Aquinas’ family that intended for him to follow his uncle into the abbacy, but instead they wanted him to choose the military services instead. Thomas Aquinas himself was very much interested in becoming a celibate priest and that’s what got his mother even angry on him, because Thomas Aquinas grew up to be a handsome young man and her mother would want him to have some children and a beautiful wife.

Raven completely agrees with Saint Thomas Aquinas when he said that a philosopher falls short of true and proper wisdom but she doesn’t agree with him when he said that proper wisdom is found in Christian revelation.

Raven wrote that there is no way that Saint Thomas Aquinas could levitate. She writes that he didn’t even meditate, let alone levitate. She claims to have visited several different Hindu ashrams where the Hindu sages that claimed that they could levitate were all found to be nothing but liars.

Raven finds all the so-called Saints, Sages and Saviors as hypocrites because they all only focus on the goal of the human existence but they never care about the goal of the animal existence or how can they be blissful. Raven says that if as per their claim, the god is with them, all the time, then why does he/she only tells them about how the human beings can be happy, why doesn’t he/she tell them how to make the animals happy or in which state are the animals happy or other things about the animal kingdom.

To escape from this lunatic world, Raven has hours long rendezvous with her favorite Toto website (토토사이트) and calls it the best time of her day.

Bali’s Cosmetic Surgeon rewards himself with a football bet each time he completes performing a surgery

Dr Dumadi Mulyadi is a cosmetic surgeon from the Island of Bali in Indonesia who believes that a union of cosmetic surgeons should start working on the ideas of how to save the time of the patients. He also believes that nobody can do it but the cosmetic surgeons themselves. He says that cosmetic surgeons from around the world must be obliged to pay these doctors a monthly donation, including the ones that do not practice but are certified cosmetic surgeons.

On his blog, Dr Dumadi writes that some people do not get treated for the dynamic wrinkles even when they need it because they have no money for the treatment or they find it beautiful or they fear the treatment, but rather because they feel that it is a sign and symptom of their life experience. He writes that same is the case with grey or white hair, many people never dye their hair because they feel that it is a sign and symptom of their life experience as well.

Dr Dumadi advises to never visit a plastic/cosmetic surgeon who is not board certified. He writes that you must always first make sure that the surgeon that you are going to visit is board certified.

Dr Dumadi writes that if you still think after so much of advancement in the field of liposuction that it is 100% safe then you are naive.

Dr Dumadi claims to have performed thousands of liposuctions himself and he claims to have never received a complain of any infection or some such thing.

Dr Dumadi rewards himself with one football bet (Taruhan Bola) each time he successfully completes performing a surgery and he claims that doing this has really increased his productivity a lot.

Whatsapp the name of your favorite online casino to your friends just like Alyssa Zarialova did

Alyssa Zavialova is an author and blogger from the city of Tomsk, Russia who believes that living in the colder regions tends to have a positive effect on the lifespans of the people. She likes to give examples of the Scandinavian countries and Japan but when asked that why they don’t have as high life expectancy in Russia, her answer is weird, she replies that if the Russians weren’t addicted to having pets, they would have longer lifespans as well, which doesn’t impress the most at all.

Alyssa also believes that evolution has more to do with a person’s lifespan than healthcare. She says that where the people aren’t as well-read but have better healthcare, they tend to have lower life expectancy compared to the parts of the world where people are better educated but have a poor healthcare system.

Alyssa is highly impressed by the Whatsapp and its success. She says that she doesn’t know anyone who would have thought a decade ago that SMS would be considered obsolete and outdated in a few years, god bless the Whatsapp’s developers and founders. Alyssa says that she keeps Whatsapping the list of the honest and genuine online casinos that she keep coming across, just yesterday she sent the name of to all her friends and adult family members who are all online casino freaks.

Old New Yorker prefers New Zealand’s casinos over those of New York

Alan Haney is an old blogger from the New York City who is extremely disappointed to see Delmonico’s at 2 South William Street not being a popular location anymore and the only thing that is popular about it anymore is its Wikipedia page and the tales about it.

Alan writes on his blog that there was a time when the restaurants at Delmonico used to be the most favorite of personalities like Nikola Tesla and JP Morgan. Today, it is the most favorite place for a few 80 plus people that only come here for some nostalgia.

Alan writes on his blog that those who make fun of the Quebec French, must learn that if there were no French, there would have been no French revolution and hence no modern democracy and freedom. He further adds that there wouldn’t have been a fascinating personality like Montesquieu either in that case.

Alan claims to have done an extensive research on the Lost tribes of Israel and he claims that the Lost tribes of Israel are none other than the Kashmiri Pandits (The Priests of Kashmir) in India. Alan claims that one of the reasons why the Lost tribes of Israel chose Kashmir to be their new land was that it is hilly like Israel, it has a great cold weather, it is scenic and last but not the least, it was almost completely vacant. Alan claims that the Lost Tribes of Israel named their land after Kashrut aka Kosher. Alan writes that there is no reason to not believe that Kashmiris aren’t the Lost Tribes of Israel, he says that they have similar surnames, they have named their towns and neighborhoods in similar to the Hebrew words and last but not the least, they eat meat, which very few priestly tribes in India do and they even eat lamb meat which no other caste, tribe or people belonging to a specific region do.

Alan also lived in New Zealand for 5 years and his only favorite thing to do while he was there used to be betting on nzd online casinos.