Orthopedic Surgeon from Cantho is not ashamed about his all night rendezvouses with Bitcoin Gambling Websites

Dr Phat Lam is an Orthopedic Surgeon from the city of Cantho in Vietnam who is popular for his rendezvous with a particular Bitcoin Gambling Site and Orthopedic blog.

On his blog, Phat recently mentioned that he has been working on finding a cure for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Dr Phat claims that along with the strenuous sports, sleeping on one side almost everyday causes Rotator Cuff Tendinitis.

Dr Phat Lam claims that regularly sitting in an uncomfortable posture for years and sometimes months is turning out to be the greatest cause for Lumbar Radiculopathy among the office workers.

Dr Phat claims that vegans are at an extreme low risk of getting gout disease and the opposite is the case with the carnivorous humans. But Dr Phat Lam also added in the end of this post that it is a good news that the cases for gout have been constantly decreasing rather than increasing.

Dr Phat claims that running and jogging is mostly responsible for Achilles Tendinitis and of all the patients that he has treated for Achilles Tendinitis, roughly 88% of those regularly ran or jog at least 5 days a week.

Dr Phat says that it is a pity that on one hand, the sports are glorified and encouraged so much and on the other, we have clinics around the world dedicated to sports medicine. He says that we have separate categories for sports injury, sports medicine, but then again we have a category for life medicine as well.

Dr Phat also says that the overweight and obese people who are into the dancing profession or dance a lot for no particular reason are more prone to getting hip tendinitis and although any doctor, especially a general practitioner will tell you that dancing doesn’t have much to do with hip tendinitis particularly if you don’t dance like a Michael Jackson, it is far away from the truth, most of the hip tendinitis patients that Dr Phat Lam has treated were professional dancers.

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