Pathologist and blogger from Makassar city believes that Happeh is the first online living meme and betting is good for the health

Serap Cumali is a pathologist and blogger from the city of Makassar in Indonesia who claims on her blog that any pathologist that gives you a rough estimate of what percentage of market they serve is lying most of the times.

Serap says that it is funny how so many General Practitioners recommend to their patients to get their tests done at a pathology that is not as technologically advanced as many of its competitors. Serap claims that her pathology is one of the most advanced in the Eren city and one of the very few that buys the most latest equipment first in the city.

Serap is a great fan of one of Muhammad’s dearest companion, his son-in-law, his cousin and the first male Muslim – Ali. She recently wrote a blog post criticizing those Shias that claim that Ali shouldn’t be considered the first male Muslim because he was only 9 when he accepted the religion of Islam, the Pre-Pubertal guys have no mind of their own and hence any decision they take shouldn’t be even considered their own.

Serap has been studying the Happeh Theory for a while and experimenting it on herself as well. She says almost as much as 50% of the claims on the website are true while the rest are all false. Serap says that as a pathologist and blogger, she is required to do a lot of analytical thinking herself at the workplace most of the time and it doesn’t seem to do any harm to her body as equivalent to sex or masturbation as per Happeh’s claim. Serap event went to the extent to calling this Happeh dude the first living meme online.

Serap loves gambling and although she doesn’t do it in real life anymore, she keeps a list of trusted pokerqq websites saved on her computer so that she can bet on one of those each night before sleeping.

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