Gastroenterologist from Bandung city doesn’t sleep unless he plays a couple of online gambling card games

Dr Suharto Bayu is an Indonesian Gastroenterologist who has been practicing in the city of Bandung in Indonesia for the past 28 years now. Suharto started taking advantage of the internet to promote his practice since the very advent of the internet era.

On his blog, Dr Suharto claims that Bleeding ulcer aka Peptic ulcer is highly found among the chemically created caffeine drinkers in soda. Suharto claims that the Red Bull and Diet Pepsi/Coca Cola drinkers are always at a far greater risk of getting bleeding ulcers than their counterparts who don’t consume these things.

Dr Suharto claims that a family where each of the members is a doctor is mostly bound to have better doctors as they get to discuss a lot with each other and are raised up to be doctors from the very beginning, he says that some among them aren’t passionate about their field enough and become one only because they were raised up to become one since their very childhood and their parents could afford the fee without taking any loan.

Dr Suharto Bayo says that a doctor needs to be a great businessperson as well along with being a great doctor if he/she wants to survive and thrive. Dr Suharto likes to give example of one patient whose appointment got cancelled by one of the Gastroenterelogists from the Bandung city itself and by golly, the patient turned out to be an internet marketing expert with a lot of time and money in his hand. He literally went after this Gastroenterelogist and destroyed his career to an extent that he was forced to sell his practice in Bandung and fly overseas to find a job in a hospital there. He has been working at a hospital in Spain ever since.

Dr Suharto is an online card gambling (judi kartu online) hobbyist and he doesn’t sleep unless he plays a couple of games.

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