Indonesian author bets once in a while to take a break from worldly insanity

Ezra Gollu is a devout Muslim author who is against following any sect. He says that he doesn’t belong to Shia or Sunni sect and he follows nothing but the Prophet Muhammad and the laws mentioned in the Quran.

Ezra has been writing a book on the life of Ali – Prophet Muhammad’s companion, cousin and son-in-law. In his book Ezra writes that his personal observation is that the Sunni Muslims around the world do not give as much respect to Ali as they should and he finds it offensive as he personally believes that there was nobody who loved and respect Prophet Muhammad as much as Ali.

Ezra also believes that Ali was the most righteous caliph of the Rashidun caliphate and so do all of his friends and family members.

Ezra claims that Prophet Muhammad wasn’t the first person to see or take Ali in his hands. He claims that it is just a legend. Ezra claims that Ali’s mother was the first person to have taken Ali in her hands but there is no denying that it was Prophet Muhammad who gave the name ‘Ali’ to Ali.

Ezra says that it is a pity that while most of the Sunnis will tell you on your face about how much they love and respect Ali but in reality many of them do not and some even hate him. Ezra says that another pity is that to this day, the marriage of Ali to Umamah bint Zainab has been regarded as haram in many different sects of Islam, which Ali finds extremely offensive.

Ezra says that to run away from all this insanity, he loves to bet on different gambling websites (Judi Bola Online) once in a while.

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