Electronic store owner from Batam believes that a good education and AgenQQ really help in managing your electronic store better

Andreas Kotka owns a very popular electronic store in the city of Batam in Indonesia. Since the very inception of this electronic store, Andreas’ complete focus for marketing it has been online. Andreas has a very popular blog for his business where he writes amazingly interesting posts about the business.

On his blog, Andreas writes that one shouldn’t believe in gimmicky promotions offered by many of the electronic stores throughout Indonesia. Andreas claims that these stores that offer promos frequently usually charge you a lot more than a store that doesn’t offer these promos.

Andreas warns that one shouldn’t buy petty and cheap electronics from a luxury good store as these luxury good stores always end up charging you premium and don’t bother as much about the after sales and other stuff.

They used to sell parts at Andreas’ store but that was a lot of headache and didn’t bring in enough profits either and that’s the reason why Andreas decided to stop it. Another reason was that no matter which parts you give to the customers, they always tend to believe that these are fake. Andreas has been thinking about getting into selling the parts again.

Andreas likes to tell the story about how he once recruited sales and after sales staff with an extreme wide knowledge on very high salary but that staff was condescending the customers a lot which made them feel inferior and stupid and hence no repeat customers and bad reviews as well. Andreas then decided to replace the complete staff altogether again.

Andreas claims and believes that having a decent academic education really helps in managing your electronic store better.

Andreas also believes that gambling, whether offline or online can prove to be of great help in bad times and that’s the reason why he keeps a list of trusted AgenQQ in his trouser’s pocket all the time.

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