Hamster lover chocolate shop owner is being funded by ball gambling in the pursuit of achieving his dream

Ahmad Suwito owns a very popular chocolate shop in the city of Makassar in Indonesia. Ahmad has done something which is quite unusual in a conservative country like Indonesia – recruited some of the most gorgeous females in his chocolate shop for serving chocolates.

Ahmad says that the greatest attraction to his chocolate shop prior to recruiting these gorgeous ladies used to be that his chocolate shop lets you create your own mixed box of chocolates and candies but now it is these gorgeous ladies that the customers cannot get their eyes off. Ahmad says forget about the customers, he himself cannot get his eyes off of them.

Ahmad is a blogger as well and a religious enthusiast. Ahmad claims to have studied the Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and few other religions thoroughly and here is some of what he concluded – Ahmad claims that one of the trinity gods in Hinduism – Vishnu is none other than the Noah in Abrahamic religions. Ahmad gives reference to that like Noah, Vishnu is always depicted as laying down in the middle of the sea with his wife Lakshmi.

Ahmad further says that the ‘Namah’ in Hinduism is nothing but ‘Naamah’ – the wife of prophet Noah. Ahmad has investigated the proper use of this word ‘Namah’ and he has concluded that it is used for their another trinity god – ‘Shiva’ also known as Mahadeva who is also depicted as being a half male and half female. Ahmad has concluded looking at this that Shiva was earlier depicted as the wife of Vishnu but later they changed it.

Ahmad claims to have been working on creating a motorcycle for the hamsters that will be both safe and feasible. Ahmad is being funded by the Ball gambling with the help of tactics like (Prediksi Bola).

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