Patriotic Indonesian woman wanted to find an Indonesian restaurant but her gambler husband suggested that she inaugurate an Italian restaurant instead

Kyrie Fox recently inaugurated her own Italian food restaurant in the city of Tangerang in Indonesia. Kyrie’s Italian restaurant is the first one in the city to have a special kids’ corner for the kids to play while the family waits for the food. Kyrie also claims to have one of the safest kids’ corner in a restaurant anywhere in the world.

Kyrie has also introduced special health drinks in her college that look just like coffee in case the kids start demanding coffee in-distinctively and get out of control if they don’t get any.

Kyrie’s brother has been advising to introduce franchise of her restaurant once it becomes popular but Kyrie doesn’t think that it is a good idea.

Kyrie has been eyeing the breakfast industry next. She says that it is unbelievable how the Graham’s Crackers, John Harvey Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Quaker’s Oats have been ruling the breakfast industry. Kyrie says that it is time when someone needs to do an innovation in this industry and she believes that she is the right person for the same. Kyrie is also a nationalist and the greatest reason why she wants to do the same is to make her nation proud.

Kyrie is such a nationalist that she wanted to start an Indonesian restaurant instead of the Italian but she chose to start an Italian one because her husband couldn’t stop from telling her that she will only be losing money with an Indonesian restaurant as there were already plenty of those and their supply far surpasses their demand.

Kyrie’s husband is a digital marketing specialist and brand manager who sells his services on Fiverr, Elance, SEOClerks and other platforms as well. He loves to gamble online (Judi Online) in his pastime and claims to have made a few thousand dollars in profits with the same.

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