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Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi would have loved DominoQQ if he were alive today, claims the Indonesian woman who is writing his biography

Theresa Lyons has her own radio show at one of the most prominent radio channels of the Bekasi city in Indonesia. Theresa is so down to earth, she is mostly found operating her Chinese van restaurant when she is not writing a book or broadcasting on the radio.

Theresa recently completed writing her first book and it is a biography of the man she considers to be the greatest Persian polymath of all times – Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi. Theresa’s book starts with the phrase “There is something about the land of Tehran and the areas surrounding it that has made it produce so many great people throughout the centuries”.

Theresa says that along with being one of the most prominent Persians, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi could also be the most legendary Muslim to have ever lived. Theresa says that the writings of no other woman or man could ever touch Theresa the way Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi’s did.

Theresa says that we wouldn’t be wrong to call Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi the hippocrates of the Islamic golden age.

Theresa doubts that Zakariya had some Sindhi and Arab blood as well running through his veins as well although there is no reference or proof or mention of the same anywhere.

Theresa says that there is no denying that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi was a pioneer of Ophthalmology but the belief that he was the first to recognize the reaction of the eye’s pupil to light is completely wrong. Theresa claims that many Chinese masters had already observed the same long ago.

Theresa also doubts that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi used to gamble a lot to get some relief from everyday stress. Theresa says that if he did, he would have loved the Indonesian Agen dominoQQ of the present day.

Electronic store owner from Batam believes that a good education and AgenQQ really help in managing your electronic store better

Andreas Kotka owns a very popular electronic store in the city of Batam in Indonesia. Since the very inception of this electronic store, Andreas’ complete focus for marketing it has been online. Andreas has a very popular blog for his business where he writes amazingly interesting posts about the business.

On his blog, Andreas writes that one shouldn’t believe in gimmicky promotions offered by many of the electronic stores throughout Indonesia. Andreas claims that these stores that offer promos frequently usually charge you a lot more than a store that doesn’t offer these promos.

Andreas warns that one shouldn’t buy petty and cheap electronics from a luxury good store as these luxury good stores always end up charging you premium and don’t bother as much about the after sales and other stuff.

They used to sell parts at Andreas’ store but that was a lot of headache and didn’t bring in enough profits either and that’s the reason why Andreas decided to stop it. Another reason was that no matter which parts you give to the customers, they always tend to believe that these are fake. Andreas has been thinking about getting into selling the parts again.

Andreas likes to tell the story about how he once recruited sales and after sales staff with an extreme wide knowledge on very high salary but that staff was condescending the customers a lot which made them feel inferior and stupid and hence no repeat customers and bad reviews as well. Andreas then decided to replace the complete staff altogether again.

Andreas claims and believes that having a decent academic education really helps in managing your electronic store better.

Andreas also believes that gambling, whether offline or online can prove to be of great help in bad times and that’s the reason why he keeps a list of trusted AgenQQ in his trouser’s pocket all the time.

Hamster lover chocolate shop owner is being funded by ball gambling in the pursuit of achieving his dream

Ahmad Suwito owns a very popular chocolate shop in the city of Makassar in Indonesia. Ahmad has done something which is quite unusual in a conservative country like Indonesia – recruited some of the most gorgeous females in his chocolate shop for serving chocolates.

Ahmad says that the greatest attraction to his chocolate shop prior to recruiting these gorgeous ladies used to be that his chocolate shop lets you create your own mixed box of chocolates and candies but now it is these gorgeous ladies that the customers cannot get their eyes off. Ahmad says forget about the customers, he himself cannot get his eyes off of them.

Ahmad is a blogger as well and a religious enthusiast. Ahmad claims to have studied the Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and few other religions thoroughly and here is some of what he concluded – Ahmad claims that one of the trinity gods in Hinduism – Vishnu is none other than the Noah in Abrahamic religions. Ahmad gives reference to that like Noah, Vishnu is always depicted as laying down in the middle of the sea with his wife Lakshmi.

Ahmad further says that the ‘Namah’ in Hinduism is nothing but ‘Naamah’ – the wife of prophet Noah. Ahmad has investigated the proper use of this word ‘Namah’ and he has concluded that it is used for their another trinity god – ‘Shiva’ also known as Mahadeva who is also depicted as being a half male and half female. Ahmad has concluded looking at this that Shiva was earlier depicted as the wife of Vishnu but later they changed it.

Ahmad claims to have been working on creating a motorcycle for the hamsters that will be both safe and feasible. Ahmad is being funded by the Ball gambling with the help of tactics like (Prediksi Bola).

Patriotic Indonesian woman wanted to find an Indonesian restaurant but her gambler husband suggested that she inaugurate an Italian restaurant instead

Kyrie Fox recently inaugurated her own Italian food restaurant in the city of Tangerang in Indonesia. Kyrie’s Italian restaurant is the first one in the city to have a special kids’ corner for the kids to play while the family waits for the food. Kyrie also claims to have one of the safest kids’ corner in a restaurant anywhere in the world.

Kyrie has also introduced special health drinks in her college that look just like coffee in case the kids start demanding coffee in-distinctively and get out of control if they don’t get any.

Kyrie’s brother has been advising to introduce franchise of her restaurant once it becomes popular but Kyrie doesn’t think that it is a good idea.

Kyrie has been eyeing the breakfast industry next. She says that it is unbelievable how the Graham’s Crackers, John Harvey Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Quaker’s Oats have been ruling the breakfast industry. Kyrie says that it is time when someone needs to do an innovation in this industry and she believes that she is the right person for the same. Kyrie is also a nationalist and the greatest reason why she wants to do the same is to make her nation proud.

Kyrie is such a nationalist that she wanted to start an Indonesian restaurant instead of the Italian but she chose to start an Italian one because her husband couldn’t stop from telling her that she will only be losing money with an Indonesian restaurant as there were already plenty of those and their supply far surpasses their demand.

Kyrie’s husband is a digital marketing specialist and brand manager who sells his services on Fiverr, Elance, SEOClerks and other platforms as well. He loves to gamble online (Judi Online) in his pastime and claims to have made a few thousand dollars in profits with the same.