SEO agency owner from Samut Prakan says that most of his heroes were Baccarat addicts

Michael Green owns a very popular SEO agency in the city of Samut Prakan in Thailand. Michael is a popular SEO blogger as well and without any doubt his blog has helped hundreds of SEO aspirants till date.

Michael says that just like in the bible they say that by their fruits you shall now them, in the internet marketing, by the number of their Twitter followers you shall know them since Twitter got rid of all bot created and fishy accounts. Michael says that he has always loved Twitter but since they got rid of the fishy and bot created accounts, his trust in the Twitter has increased manifold.

Michael says that those who claim that online chat used to be a dead industry a decade definitely don’t know what they are talking about. Michael claims that the online chat industry used to be far greater until the year 2009 and it looks dead now comparatively. Michael also believes that the advent of the Facebook was the beginning of the decline of the online chat industry but Michael also believes that no matter what, the online chat industry is never going to die and chat services like Discord, Chatango and Slack are the proof.

Michael claims to have studied several successful people – both historical and living ones. Michael claims that whether someone was a bright student or not plays no significant role in the person’s success other than that it fills them with confidence and provides a superiority complex as well. Michael says that many of his heroes were huge Baccarat (บาคาร่า) addicts.

Michael claims that he has the secret information that Elon Musk’s next target is the chemical industry and like always, he is going to play an extreme revolutionary role there as well.

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