Mother is a children hospital owner but son is a handyman who can’t get enough of sports betting

Ella Lang owns a very popular 100 bed children hospital in the city called Ansan in South Korea. Although they claim a lot on the website of Ella Lang’s children hospital that the doctors and surgeons working at Ella’s hospital have been involved in several different areas of pediatric research but they haven’t come up with anything yet and I personally doubt their claim.

Ella’s hospital also offers different pediatric rehabilitation services and she is bold enough to admit that many of the rehabilitation services at her hospital are severely overrated while some are underrated.

Ella claims that eczema is being largely ignored in South Korea and there is not enough action being taken from the Korea International Medical Association in this regard and neither there is enough awareness regarding the same among the common people of South Korea.

Ella believes that there are more chances that your child will suffer with alternating hemiplegia of childhood if both the parents were over 40 during the child’s birth.

Ella’s son – Patrick is a handyman and Ella is surprisingly proud of him. Ella is also aware of his sport betting (먹튀검증) addiction and never scolded him for the same.

Patrick is also a blogger and he regularly posts online gambling related, politics, and handyman related stuff there.

Patrick claims that there is a strong misconception that handyman services are required more at high-raised skyscrapers and multi-storied buildings than they are at single-storied ones.

Patrick claims to have studied the politics of Pakistan a lot and he claims that it was United States of America’s plan that Pakistan conducts nuclear explosions in the Chagai Hills of Balochistan Province so that the ‘Free Balochistan Movement’ could be strengthen out.

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