Andong’s health insurance kingpin invested 2 million Won that he won with Toto in his recently purchased house

Beau Karl owns a very popular health insurance company in the beautiful river city of South Korea called Andong.

Beau has a very popular blog on his health insurance company’s official website where he keeps posting interesting stuff regularly. Beau claims that being well-informed, helpful, sincere and diligent is not enough for an insurance broker anymore; A typical insurance broker needs to go the extra mile in order to survive and thrive.

Beau has a very interesting story about he became the owner of a successful health insurance company. Beau first decided to become an insurance agent inspired by his already insurance agent cousin who got to travel around the world to attend seminars. Beau has always been very fond of traveling and his insurance agent cousin’s trips overseas was the main inspiration for Beau becoming an insurance agent in the same company himself. Just after working as an insurance agent for 3 years in a row, Beau believed that he was well-equipped mentally and experienced enough to find his own insurance company as well which he finally did and his company us currently one of the largest in Andong when it comes to health insurance.

Beau is a secular person and surprisingly he has several Muslim friends. Beau himself believes that a secular person is to the Muslims what a Nazi is to the Jews.

Beau recently replaced his car’s adjustable suspension with the non-adjustable one. After driving a car with adjustable suspension for years, Beau doesn’t advice anyone to buy an adjustable suspension for their car and he is not certain about the cars that come with inbuilt adjustable suspension settings.

Beau recently won 2 million Won with Toto (토토사이트) which he decided to invest in the home that he recently purchased. Beau’s wife wanted him to invest the money in his business but Beau didn’t agree.

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