Indian restaurant owner loves Indian food as much as she loves betting on Thai gambling websites

Beam Vien owns a very popular Indian restaurant in the Lampang city of Thailand. Beam accumulated enough money to have a restaurant of her own with betting on different gambling websites as she believed that she had no other way to fulfill her dream of having an Indian restaurant of her own but her aspirations and dreams have become much larger since then. She now wants to have the largest chain of Indian restaurant in the world. Beam says that having the largest chain of Indian restaurants in Thailand or anywhere in the neighboring countries will not be enough for her, she wants the largest chain of Indian restaurants that the world has ever seen.

Beam believes that lively ambiance is the most overlooked feature by most of the Indian restaurant owners and that’s one of the reasons why she believes that her restaurant is far superior to most other Indian restaurants as they have a very lively ambiance at her restaurant and so will the case be in all the other Indian restaurants which Beam claims that she is going to have soon enough as a part of her chain.

Beam also claims that a decent valet parking has become more important than delicious food and remarkable beverages nowadays.

Beam claims that they are selling several dishes disguised as Indian which do not even have anything to do with the Indian subcontinent let alone the nation called India at the Indian restaurants.

Beam says that another problem with the Indian restaurants is that at the Indian restaurants where there is not enough footfall, they do not usually serve fresh and/or top quality ingredients which can sometimes be very harmful to your health.

Beam doesn’t like Thai food as much as she does Thai betting websites and that’s the reason why she is mostly found betting on สมัคร sbobet while having her daily dose of Indian food.

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