Busan’s most popular Dentist loves Toto and you should too

Dr Andy Hong is perhaps the most popular and prominent dentist in the city of Busan in South Korea. Dr Andy is a very busy dentist but still he never fails to make up enough time to write a weekly post on his blog and play Toto online (토토사이트) at least a couple of times a week.

On his blog, Dr Andy claims that the people born out of cousin wedlock are far more likely to have dental issues including bad aesthetics starting from their middle age.

Dr Andy also claims that the highly sexualized people start having dental issues much earlier than their not-so sexually active counterparts.

Dr Andy claims that lifelong habits which seem to have no relation to the tooth health have a great role to play in the tooth health and he is not talking about habits like drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes here.

Dr Andy believes that soda is playing a greater role in gum and bone recession than is known to us.

Dr Andy says that back in the early 1990s, the dental cleaning which is also known as oral prophylaxis was a highly overrated dental procedure but the case is quite the opposite now. Dr Andy says that the patients nowadays are not even willing to hear that dental plaque and calculus in excess quantity can be of any harm.

Dr Andy claims that a great dentist can be detected with his/her oral examination fee. Dr Andy says that if the oral examination fee is higher compared to his/her other services than the dentist is a bad one otherwise go ahead with your checkup with the dentist.

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