SEO, SMM and Coding Expert from Mukdahan has a sister who spends thousands of dollars a month on 99 Steps betting

Benz Aimoad started his online career as an amateur blogger but currently owns on one of the largest SEO companies in the Mukdahan Province of Thailand.

Benz claims that his first most favorite website on the internet was when he was still a teenager and used to use internet mostly for playing video games, then his most favorite website became, after that his favorite websites became eBay and Amazon as he then used internet mostly for making online purchases but now Benz has reached the level where some of the websites that he himself designed and developed are some of his favorites.

Benz has been working on creating the best social media website ever for the past 2 years and once launched, he claims that it may some of the most popular social media websites of the moment go bankrupt including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Benz says that Facebook should sell itself as soon as possible because even if Benz doesn’t get success, someone else will and that will be the end of the incompetent Facebook that has already had its days.

Benz sold his SEO, SMM and website designing services on Fiverr for a while and noticed many Fiverr sellers getting banned for their antisemitic views which they shared on the Fiverr forum or their social media profiles and some other sellers getting banned just because they were proud of their White European ancestry which they talked much about on the Fiverr forum or/and their social media profiles.

Benz’s one and only sister – Jintara whom he says is his best friend as well is a popular musician making tens of thousands of dollars with the Youtube and other similar platforms with the help of Benz’s Social Media Marketing skills. Jintara spends a great deal of money that she earns on different gambling websites, particularly 99 Steps (99สเต็ปบอล)

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