Thai auto enthusiast and blogger loves Baccarat more than anything else

Kanya Yildiz has been in the business of importing and selling genuine spare parts from Japan for Japanese cars sold in Thailand for the past 9 years. Kanya is a true auto enthusiast but even more than that she is a Baccarat (บาคาร่า) enthusiast and lover which can be known from the fact that she keeps her Baccarat budget separate each year and most of the years she seems to make as much money with the same as she does with her full-time business.

Kanya was among the first auto bloggers in Thailand to post in the English language. Kanya has always claimed that the best BMW buy if you are an individual is a 6-series and if you have the budget then buy a new one and if you don’t then go for a used one but don’t buy any other car unless you cannot even afford a used 6-series.

Kanya claims that whoever thinks that great performance and efficiency don’t go together in a motorcycle has never owned a Honda or a Suzuki. Kanya claims to have owned at least 2 motorcycles belonging to each of the prominent Japanese motorcycle makers. Kanya is highly disappointed with the Kawasaki’s unreliability and small lifespan and she hated Yamaha’s low fuel-efficiency but she couldn’t find a single major fault in the Suzuki and Honda motorcycles. Kanya says that it is her wish to see Yamaha and Kawasaki enter the car industry and fail drastically there.

Kanya says that some of the so-called pure roadsters are nothing but poor roadsters, she likes to give example of the BMW Z4 which she claims to hate with all her heart and didn’t find a single good thing about when she drove the one owned by her friend.

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