SEO Agency owner from Aarhus had all his friends envied due to his Hurtige Penge

Gretel Lund owns one of the most popular SEO agencies in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. Gretel is considered extremely lucky by all his friends and many of his friends really got envious of him for the first time when he won a couple million Euros with Hurtige Penge last month.

Gretel owns a very popular SEO blog which is popular for Gretel’s blunt and controversial statements. Gretel claims that if your website is listed on Google and you take much advantage of your freedom of expression against the Google on the same website, just wait for your website to get de-indexed soon enough, the countdown has already begun.

Gretel says that he is extremely disappointed with the Google’s weather prediction tool. Gretel believes that Google needs to choose more reliable and credible sources for its weather predicament.

Gretel claims that if David Filo wasn’t as busy celebrating a long honeymoon with his wife Angela when Google was gaining popularity and edge over it then the picture would have been quite different. Gretel says that David didn’t celebrated such a long and indulging honeymoon then Google would have been as big as only

Gretel claims that never before the functionality and ease of use of a website mattered as much until recently when the internet users mostly constitute of mobile phone users.

Gretel claims that buying aged websites doesn’t help as much anymore. Gretel also claims that by the beginning of the year 2020, Google will invent tools to predict which websites are manipulating the know-how of rankling and have created their website just in a manner to achieve better rankings on Google. Gretel claims that their first target are the websites that are aged before they are developed further; Gretel claims that Google will instead destroy the ranking of such websites instead of improving the same.

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