Customized lightning for cars is his business but online slot is his passion

Francis Clark owns a company that manufactures and sells widebody kits and customized lightning for cars. Francis says that he has always been passionate about cars since his very childhood and that’s the reason why he decided to enter into this business. Francis has a very attractive website for his business with a blog attached. Francis’s blog is more popular than his business as Francis writes one post a week there which is full of controversies and blunt statements.

Francis says that those falling for a car and buying it just because it is Japanese-made shouldn’t forget that there was a time when Japanese products were popular for their poor quality. Francis advises that don’t buy a car just because it is Japanese; Francis claims that Ford still has models that are more reliable than any Japanese car.

Francis has owned both Suzuki and Fiat in the past. Francis loves the diesel engine of the Fiat and find it reliable and peppy and he also has the same opinion about the Suzuki’s petrol engine. Ian says that the Fiat and Suzuki should start barter exchange for their diesel and petrol engines and the automobile industry will see a revolution like never in the past but Francis doubts that it is ever going to happen. Francis believes that the most modern CEOs and chiefs of the automobile companies are fools and uninterested in their business. Francis has always believed that the best person to manage the company is its founder and nobody else can take care of a business like its founder because of the attachment he/she has with the business.

Francis has always been very open and blunt about his addiction to online gambling. Francis doesn’t hesitate to tell that his best friend is an online slot agent (agen slot online).

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