Livestock business owners are so attached to the livestock that they only bet on cockfighting websites

Rusty Smalley inherited a successful funeral home business from her father which she claims that she will ever be thankful to her father for. Rusty used to own and operate a successful driving school before her father passed away which she sold out only after 6 months of her father’s death.

Rusty is a blogger as well and she writes about almost everything significant that she notices throughout an average day in her life. Just last week, Rusty wrote about the reviews that she read on a talent agency’s Google Maps profile. Rusty noticed how the so-called talented people are extremely untalented when it comes to the manners and etiquette of talking to someone.

Rusty claims that the real word for sperm in the Chinese language is same as the ‘seed of love’, they changed it after the ‘seed of love’ started changing into seed of lust and violence in the practical life of the people.

About philosophy, Rusty says that Socrates was wrong when he used the term ‘Cultivation of Soul’. Rusty claims that the soul cannot be cultivated , it always remains as it is. Rusty claims that the only things that can be cultivated are heart, body and brain.

Rusty claims that most of the modern leading multinational corporations are designed, managed and operated in a way to make the consumer spend all he can.

Many of Rusty’s cousins are involved in livestock product and textile industry. Rusty claims that both livestock and textile industry are growing rapidly due to the rapidly growing population. Rusty’s cousins are so much attached to the livestock that they bet on nothing but cockfighting websites (sabung ayam).

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