From a petty eBay seller to a plastic manufacturer, this gambler woman has some pretty interesting ideas about the auto industry

Laura Mardoch started her eBay career with selling collectable coins and notes. With the power of her will and hard work, Laura got to become a wealthy industrialist who is now involved in manufacturing plastic products including dinner sets, insulated water jugs, plastic dustbins, insulated casserole, buckets, baskets, plastic storage containers.

Laura is also a struggling author and a prolific auto blogger. Laura believes that the V Series engines are highly overrated and they should come up with something new now.

Laura says that cars scoring lesser than average of 3 stars on all different major crash test programmes for safety check shouldn’t even be allowed to be sold out to the public but then she also admits that there will be an increased risk of bribery in these crash test programmes if so happens. Laura has a plan for that too. Laura says that to counter the bribery in these organizations, the governments must pay heavy money to these crash test programme managers and give 20 years of minimum imprisonment to anyone found taking bribes there.

Laura believes that cornering is most fun in a BMW, Porsche is just overrated according to Laura.

Laura says that it is not such a tough job for car makers to create feelsome steering wheels like in a Porsche or a BMW but since Porsche is owned by the DAS Auto and BMW is a huge group as well on the other side, the other car makers don’t want to try to steal their business in order to not mess up with them. Laura claims that the auto makers in the modern world are like cartels, Laura believes that it is not hard enough for the European car manufacturers to create reliable cars like the Honda or Toyota but this cartel-in-disguise has managed to share the industry very well.

Laura is a multi-millionaire but she still gambles using credit (pulsa judi) and that’s why everyone loves her as she is her own person.

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