She created a contest website inspired by a football gambling agent’s website

Nurhan Laya owns a company that manufactures wireless tyre pressure monitoring system. Nurhan claims their product is unparalleled when it comes to the safety, fuel efficiency, puncture alert, comfort and improved suspension life.

As a successful businesswoman, Nurhan says that final decisions are only taken in the movies. In the competitive real world, you can’t afford to take a final decision like they do in the movies. Nurhan says that a decision shouldn’t be considered final until it is put into action and you should keep thinking if the decision is right or can there be a better decision to be made until the last moment and sometimes even after it has been put into action.

Nurhan belongs to a family of homeopathic doctors. Nurhan claims to have inherited a lot of knowledge regarding health from her family. Nurhan says that both her parents used to tell her elder brother not to sleep for over 7 hours within 24 hours as they believe in homeopathic medicine that oversleeping in men below 45 years of age increases sexual desires which in turn increases the number of wet dreams that he will have over a period of one month and in the case of women too it increases the number of menstrual periods but it doesn’t harm the women as much as the wet dreams do men.

Nurhan recently created a contest on her website where the visitors are first asked some questions to detect if they watched the Rocky IV or not and after that they are shown fake and real videos of Ivan Drago’s reaction after he lost the battle to Rocky Balboa and given a few seconds of time to answer. Once they prove that they really watched the Rocky IV entirely, then they are given the chance to participate in the contest.

Nurhan says that the idea for creating a contest website came to her after she won several bets with the help of online football gambling agent (Agen Bola).

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