Salesforce Administrator at eBay UK bets on QQ288 to relive his college days

Drew Thompson is a Salesforce Administrator at eBay UK with a passion for cars which should be evident from his 3 different auto blogs for 3 different niches which are all very popular.

Drew says that the automakers should stop creating those intimidating designs on those SUVs as it is getting boring and the owner of the vehicle doesn’t look sophisticated sitting in a SUV with such aggressive design at all. Drew says that these intimidating designs are good for the gangsters and mafia members only.

Drew says that present day full-size SUVs don’t deserve to be called such either. According to Drew, a full-size SUV is one that has 4 rows of seats and is at least 7000 mm long and 2500 mm wide.

Drew keeps boring his visitors with the stories about the time when he used to be in college and they used to play cards sitting in Drew’s best friend’s Lincoln Navigator. Drew says that himself and all his friends keep missing those days all the time and to relive those days, they bet on qq288 regularly.

Drew is personally a huge fan of the 1980s and the greatest proof of the same is that he has all his cars painted with neon and pastel colors. Some of his cars have multiple paint colors outside.

Drew claims that Fiat attempted a lot to convince the buyers that they make superior hatchbacks to any other car maker in the world but failed drastically each time for the past 2 decades. Drew says that same is going to be the case with the Volvo in the coming times. Drew claims that Volvo has been trying to convince the buyers in the very same manner but the modern buyer is smart enough to understand what’s going on.

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