Paint company owner can be found blogging whenever she is not working or betting on cockfighting

Gulya Situ started her career as a sales officer at a leading paint company only to rise up to have her own small paint company within less than 4 years of the start of her professional career.

Gulya is extensively interested in the automobiles and her paint company’s blog has more posts about the automobiles that she likes and the future of the automobile industry than paint. Whenever Gulya is not busy betting on sabung ayam online, she can be found writing a blog post.

Gulya highly admires Toyota on one hand but is also highly critical of the same on the other. Gulya likes to joke that the noise that a 21st century Toyota diesel engine makes should be written down in the history of automobiles. Gulya says that it is time when Toyota should learn that cars aren’t just about the reliability and durability, they need to be fun to drive, interesting to look at and have plush interiors as well.

About Chrylser and Mitsubishi, Gulya says that both these automakers should come into an alliance just like Nissan and Renault did. Gulya likes to joke that Chrysler is to the United States what Mitsubishi is to the Japan; both are run by ignorant and unpredictable chiefs and both always launch the right product at the wrong time and vice versa.

Gulya says that no matter how much the Volkswagen pays to the magazines, newspapers and others to prove that their brand Audi is better than the Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, etc and Volkswagen itself makes far superior German engineering epitomes which the local American automakers like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler cannot, the American people are smart enough to understand all these tricks and they are not going to fall into their trap and when they did in the past, it was for a very short while.

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