Bought his wife a tyre company with the California lottery money now she is busy blogging

Alexander Hall used to be a Senior Associate at a major financial services company until he won millions and millions of dollar in a California lottery. Today, Alexander owns a company that manufactures industrial components and he is married to one of the most beautiful women in the city of San Diego.

Alexander has bought his wife – Lisa, a company that manufactures and exports tyres for motorcycles and cars. Lisa has been using auto-blogging to promote her business and it has been working great. Lisa believes that we are yet to see a luxury car-maker that can create a VFM and utilitarian luxury cars like Mercedes. Lisa says that no matter how much they praise Lexus for providing Value for Money it is still no match to the Mercedes except in terms of reliability and durability where it is even superior to the Mercedes. Lisa says that if you are buying a Lexus, you are buying nothing but an overpriced Toyota and that’s all.

Lisa also believes that airbags are overrated and they ought to be replaced with something that works each time in terms of safety.

Lisa believes that Suzuki needs to focus on everything other than their peppy engines while making the cars. Lisa owns a Suzuki Vitara and Lisa says that her car possess everything except great interiors, decent brakes, great build quality. Lisa says that it is good that the Suzuki filed for bankruptcy in the USA and ran away but she says that what is not good is that they haven’t learnt the lesson and they are keeping on manufacturing the good old style filmsy Suzuki vehicles that are good for almost nothing other than dropping off kids to the same neighborhood school.

Lisa also believes that Acura MDX is the greatest blunder in the history of Acura and they will need to create at least 10 extraordinary vehicles to cover up this blunder of theirs.

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