Risk Control Department Head loves FUN88 and she has it bookmarked on each of her devices

Angela Duncan is the head of the Risk Control Department at a Financial Services Company which she joined about 2 years ago.

Angela loves philosophy and during her spare time, she can mostly be found studying the same. Angela claims that Plato had a far greater and benevolent vision when he advocated slavery of the Barbarians. Angela claims that the Plato knew that there was no other way to transform those Barbarians into civilized human beings and Angela believes that Plato really succeeded in this endeavor of his.

Angela says that it is a pity that developing Christian Nations like Moldova and Slovakia still hate Plato and Aristotle. Angela believes that one of the reasons why these nations are not developing like they should be is because they deny the philosophy of geniuses like Plato and Aristotle but have started following the Indian philosophy.

Being from a Financial management background, Angela knows several technocrats and bureaucrats and she has the courage to say that these people are some of the most materialistic and greedy people that she has ever met.

Angela doesn’t like India or Hinduism but she claims that the caste system in the ancient Greece wasn’t as visible, clear and evident as in the ancient India but it was far worst in the Greece than in India. Angela claims that the education in the ancient Greece was limited to only the selected few during the Aristotle and Plato’s time which really never happened in India the same way. Angela is well-aware of the fact that the lowest and the most backward of the tribes weren’t allowed any education in the ancient India but Angela claims that only the aristocrats were allowed education in the ancient Greece.

Angela is highly appreciative of the online Indonesian gambling websites and their achievements and she has many of those bookmarked on all of her laptops and mobile phones. Angela loves FUN88 more than any other though.

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