Ecologist hates electronic gadgets and cars but loves bingo websites

Abigail Johnson is an ecologist who hates electronic gadgets and cars. Abigail was born to a dermatologist mother and a professor father and Abigail claims that she couldn’t have a better childhood growing up.

As a hater of automobiles, Abigail is hating the secret information that she recently got about one of the IKEA Furniture family members planning to get into the automobile industry. Abigail claims that the USP of the IKEA cars will be that they will be all wooden. Abigail hates wood, its color and cars, imagine Abigail standing the traffic surrounded by the wooden IKEA cars everywhere.

Abigail is currently dating a gentleman from Piedras, Uruguay who doesn’t let anything or anybody hold him back. This gentleman loves cars but Abigail couldn’t care less as he seems to love Abigail more than all the cars in the world combined.

Abigail claims that drinking coffee while gossiping or chatting away makes you talkative and dumb and while drinking coffee doing something creative makes you a genius. Abigail claims that she has never even once drank a coffee gossiping with any of her friends, family members or boyfriend(s) since the day she got this knowledge even though she drinks coffee several times a day.

Abigail claims that watching reality TV shows is like indulging in mental masturbation and she referred to it as masturbation in the Victorian Era and let me tell you that the term ‘Secret Vice’ was used to indicate about masturbation.

Abigail believes that religious teachings and religions are a good thing if the religious chiefs stop superimposing their beliefs and killing or persecuting people belonging to the different religions or with different beliefs.

Abigail believes that there are more issues than she can even talk about in the world and to take a break from all these, she loves to visit some of the best bingo websites and win some bets.

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