Innovative and hard-working engineer bets on Tempobet while drinking that Sugar-Free Red Bull

Sean Balvin is an engineer who was born in the family of gardeners. The funny thing is that Sean’s wife also belongs to a family of gardeners and being from the family of gardeners, they both have a lot to say about it.

Sean says that it is a pity that very few people gift herbs nowadays. He claims that the herb industry is really desperate and forget about the growth, it is finding it even extremely hard to survive.

Sean claims that 1980s and 1990s were the prime time for the herb industry and that’s when the businesses that had nothing to do with the herbs had their signboards painted in color green for the extra attention. This was also the time when health restaurant came into the existence and these health restaurants were doing really great until the Mid-1996 until they suddenly started receiving lots of negative attention in the mainstream media. Sean doubts that it was a plan of the rulers to keep the people unintelligent, unhealthy and stupid to bankrupt the health restaurant industry so the rulers could keep on ruling the masses and if we have to believe Sean, they really succeeded in it.

Sean has been working on inventing diesel run hedge trimmer which he claims will sell like hot cakes once he is done with it. Sean believes that no major tech company or a smart engineer has this idea in their mind to create something like a diesel run hedge trimmer and he wants to be the first one to invent something like this.

Sean’s most favorite pastime is betting on Tempobet which he does every night drinking his favorite sugar-free Red Bull once he has finished working.

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