Online grocery store owner loves Hinduism for its liberal nature towards gambling

Vrinda Gaekwad is an online grocery store owner. Vrinda’s business has been booming since the day of its inception as more and more customers are realizing how big a waste of time it is stand in the queue of the local store.

Vrinda herself is an extremely frugal person and this can be learnt from the fact that she reuses the residue left after drinking her everyday ground coffee and Vrinda also enjoys doing the same and the proof of this is that she prepares ground coffee without using any coffee filter. She prepares her ground coffee just like a regular person prepares his/her instant coffee, with a blender. Vrinda says that there is a feeling that is attached with being frugal which cannot be had with doing anything else.

Being an online grocery store owner, Vrinda claims that the sale of salt in India is higher compared to the sale of the other stuff because of the Hindu superstitions. Vrinda claims that millions of Hindus still believe that keeping hydrated salt inside the house or office brings about bad luck and that’s the reason why they throw out all the hydrated salt (salt that has already come in contact with water and mixed with it) and buy new salt.

Vrinda loves to volunteer against the fake Indian swamis. She was the first one to start roasting Indian Swami Nithyananda for saying E is not equal to MC Square and she received a lot of hate from the Nithyananda followers and lovers for the same. Vrinda believes that over half of the Nithyananda lovers and followers are paid for it.

Vrinda loves Hinduism for its liberal nature. Vrinda gambles with her family on the festival of Diwali and when the Diwali season is not on, she can be found betting on Betper.

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