Flour mill owner is against all kind of extremism and he claims that a happy sex and gambling life is the cure to an extremist life

Erik Hammel is a flour mill owner from the State of Kentucky. Erik has been running several online campaigns against all type of terrorism, terrorist organizations and other nuisance.

Erik once went to Pakistan where he interviewed a Molvi who was a Pro-Talibani and Osama Bin Laden’s supporter. This Molvi claimed over and over again that Osama Bin Laden wasn’t a terrorist and he was killed by the United States for the crimes that he never committed. Erik asked him in the interview that why do you almost worship Osama Bin Laden if he was just an ordinary man? Erik asked that when there are hundreds of thousands of people that get killed each year for no reason then why does Osama has a special place in your heart? The Molvi didn’t have an answer to the question and ran away throwing the Mic on Erik.

Erik is very much against the rising saffron-terrorism in India as well and he has been criticizing the fact that the political party that has been in power in almost every state of India aka the so-called world’s largest democracy recently chose a convicted terrorist as its candidate from one of the most significant constituencies of the nation.

Erik has also been writing against the growing White Supremacy for the past 6 years and he claims that several people have changed their beliefs, minds and visions after being influenced Erik.

Erik advises all the extremists to have a healthy sex life in order to think clearly and see whether the leaders are taking them for a long ride. Erik also advises the couples to bet together on Togel Singapore during spare time so that they can have a happy life.

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