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Livestock business owners are so attached to the livestock that they only bet on cockfighting websites

Rusty Smalley inherited a successful funeral home business from her father which she claims that she will ever be thankful to her father for. Rusty used to own and operate a successful driving school before her father passed away which she sold out only after 6 months of her father’s death.

Rusty is a blogger as well and she writes about almost everything significant that she notices throughout an average day in her life. Just last week, Rusty wrote about the reviews that she read on a talent agency’s Google Maps profile. Rusty noticed how the so-called talented people are extremely untalented when it comes to the manners and etiquette of talking to someone.

Rusty claims that the real word for sperm in the Chinese language is same as the ‘seed of love’, they changed it after the ‘seed of love’ started changing into seed of lust and violence in the practical life of the people.

About philosophy, Rusty says that Socrates was wrong when he used the term ‘Cultivation of Soul’. Rusty claims that the soul cannot be cultivated , it always remains as it is. Rusty claims that the only things that can be cultivated are heart, body and brain.

Rusty claims that most of the modern leading multinational corporations are designed, managed and operated in a way to make the consumer spend all he can.

Many of Rusty’s cousins are involved in livestock product and textile industry. Rusty claims that both livestock and textile industry are growing rapidly due to the rapidly growing population. Rusty’s cousins are so much attached to the livestock that they bet on nothing but cockfighting websites (sabung ayam).

From a petty eBay seller to a plastic manufacturer, this gambler woman has some pretty interesting ideas about the auto industry

Laura Mardoch started her eBay career with selling collectable coins and notes. With the power of her will and hard work, Laura got to become a wealthy industrialist who is now involved in manufacturing plastic products including dinner sets, insulated water jugs, plastic dustbins, insulated casserole, buckets, baskets, plastic storage containers.

Laura is also a struggling author and a prolific auto blogger. Laura believes that the V Series engines are highly overrated and they should come up with something new now.

Laura says that cars scoring lesser than average of 3 stars on all different major crash test programmes for safety check shouldn’t even be allowed to be sold out to the public but then she also admits that there will be an increased risk of bribery in these crash test programmes if so happens. Laura has a plan for that too. Laura says that to counter the bribery in these organizations, the governments must pay heavy money to these crash test programme managers and give 20 years of minimum imprisonment to anyone found taking bribes there.

Laura believes that cornering is most fun in a BMW, Porsche is just overrated according to Laura.

Laura says that it is not such a tough job for car makers to create feelsome steering wheels like in a Porsche or a BMW but since Porsche is owned by the DAS Auto and BMW is a huge group as well on the other side, the other car makers don’t want to try to steal their business in order to not mess up with them. Laura claims that the auto makers in the modern world are like cartels, Laura believes that it is not hard enough for the European car manufacturers to create reliable cars like the Honda or Toyota but this cartel-in-disguise has managed to share the industry very well.

Laura is a multi-millionaire but she still gambles using credit (pulsa judi) and that’s why everyone loves her as she is her own person.

She created a contest website inspired by a football gambling agent’s website

Nurhan Laya owns a company that manufactures wireless tyre pressure monitoring system. Nurhan claims their product is unparalleled when it comes to the safety, fuel efficiency, puncture alert, comfort and improved suspension life.

As a successful businesswoman, Nurhan says that final decisions are only taken in the movies. In the competitive real world, you can’t afford to take a final decision like they do in the movies. Nurhan says that a decision shouldn’t be considered final until it is put into action and you should keep thinking if the decision is right or can there be a better decision to be made until the last moment and sometimes even after it has been put into action.

Nurhan belongs to a family of homeopathic doctors. Nurhan claims to have inherited a lot of knowledge regarding health from her family. Nurhan says that both her parents used to tell her elder brother not to sleep for over 7 hours within 24 hours as they believe in homeopathic medicine that oversleeping in men below 45 years of age increases sexual desires which in turn increases the number of wet dreams that he will have over a period of one month and in the case of women too it increases the number of menstrual periods but it doesn’t harm the women as much as the wet dreams do men.

Nurhan recently created a contest on her website where the visitors are first asked some questions to detect if they watched the Rocky IV or not and after that they are shown fake and real videos of Ivan Drago’s reaction after he lost the battle to Rocky Balboa and given a few seconds of time to answer. Once they prove that they really watched the Rocky IV entirely, then they are given the chance to participate in the contest.

Nurhan says that the idea for creating a contest website came to her after she won several bets with the help of online football gambling agent (Agen Bola).

Salesforce Administrator at eBay UK bets on QQ288 to relive his college days

Drew Thompson is a Salesforce Administrator at eBay UK with a passion for cars which should be evident from his 3 different auto blogs for 3 different niches which are all very popular.

Drew says that the automakers should stop creating those intimidating designs on those SUVs as it is getting boring and the owner of the vehicle doesn’t look sophisticated sitting in a SUV with such aggressive design at all. Drew says that these intimidating designs are good for the gangsters and mafia members only.

Drew says that present day full-size SUVs don’t deserve to be called such either. According to Drew, a full-size SUV is one that has 4 rows of seats and is at least 7000 mm long and 2500 mm wide.

Drew keeps boring his visitors with the stories about the time when he used to be in college and they used to play cards sitting in Drew’s best friend’s Lincoln Navigator. Drew says that himself and all his friends keep missing those days all the time and to relive those days, they bet on qq288 regularly.

Drew is personally a huge fan of the 1980s and the greatest proof of the same is that he has all his cars painted with neon and pastel colors. Some of his cars have multiple paint colors outside.

Drew claims that Fiat attempted a lot to convince the buyers that they make superior hatchbacks to any other car maker in the world but failed drastically each time for the past 2 decades. Drew says that same is going to be the case with the Volvo in the coming times. Drew claims that Volvo has been trying to convince the buyers in the very same manner but the modern buyer is smart enough to understand what’s going on.

Paint company owner can be found blogging whenever she is not working or betting on cockfighting

Gulya Situ started her career as a sales officer at a leading paint company only to rise up to have her own small paint company within less than 4 years of the start of her professional career.

Gulya is extensively interested in the automobiles and her paint company’s blog has more posts about the automobiles that she likes and the future of the automobile industry than paint. Whenever Gulya is not busy betting on sabung ayam online, she can be found writing a blog post.

Gulya highly admires Toyota on one hand but is also highly critical of the same on the other. Gulya likes to joke that the noise that a 21st century Toyota diesel engine makes should be written down in the history of automobiles. Gulya says that it is time when Toyota should learn that cars aren’t just about the reliability and durability, they need to be fun to drive, interesting to look at and have plush interiors as well.

About Chrylser and Mitsubishi, Gulya says that both these automakers should come into an alliance just like Nissan and Renault did. Gulya likes to joke that Chrysler is to the United States what Mitsubishi is to the Japan; both are run by ignorant and unpredictable chiefs and both always launch the right product at the wrong time and vice versa.

Gulya says that no matter how much the Volkswagen pays to the magazines, newspapers and others to prove that their brand Audi is better than the Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, etc and Volkswagen itself makes far superior German engineering epitomes which the local American automakers like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler cannot, the American people are smart enough to understand all these tricks and they are not going to fall into their trap and when they did in the past, it was for a very short while.

Bought his wife a tyre company with the California lottery money now she is busy blogging

Alexander Hall used to be a Senior Associate at a major financial services company until he won millions and millions of dollar in a California lottery. Today, Alexander owns a company that manufactures industrial components and he is married to one of the most beautiful women in the city of San Diego.

Alexander has bought his wife – Lisa, a company that manufactures and exports tyres for motorcycles and cars. Lisa has been using auto-blogging to promote her business and it has been working great. Lisa believes that we are yet to see a luxury car-maker that can create a VFM and utilitarian luxury cars like Mercedes. Lisa says that no matter how much they praise Lexus for providing Value for Money it is still no match to the Mercedes except in terms of reliability and durability where it is even superior to the Mercedes. Lisa says that if you are buying a Lexus, you are buying nothing but an overpriced Toyota and that’s all.

Lisa also believes that airbags are overrated and they ought to be replaced with something that works each time in terms of safety.

Lisa believes that Suzuki needs to focus on everything other than their peppy engines while making the cars. Lisa owns a Suzuki Vitara and Lisa says that her car possess everything except great interiors, decent brakes, great build quality. Lisa says that it is good that the Suzuki filed for bankruptcy in the USA and ran away but she says that what is not good is that they haven’t learnt the lesson and they are keeping on manufacturing the good old style filmsy Suzuki vehicles that are good for almost nothing other than dropping off kids to the same neighborhood school.

Lisa also believes that Acura MDX is the greatest blunder in the history of Acura and they will need to create at least 10 extraordinary vehicles to cover up this blunder of theirs.

Risk Control Department Head loves FUN88 and she has it bookmarked on each of her devices

Angela Duncan is the head of the Risk Control Department at a Financial Services Company which she joined about 2 years ago.

Angela loves philosophy and during her spare time, she can mostly be found studying the same. Angela claims that Plato had a far greater and benevolent vision when he advocated slavery of the Barbarians. Angela claims that the Plato knew that there was no other way to transform those Barbarians into civilized human beings and Angela believes that Plato really succeeded in this endeavor of his.

Angela says that it is a pity that developing Christian Nations like Moldova and Slovakia still hate Plato and Aristotle. Angela believes that one of the reasons why these nations are not developing like they should be is because they deny the philosophy of geniuses like Plato and Aristotle but have started following the Indian philosophy.

Being from a Financial management background, Angela knows several technocrats and bureaucrats and she has the courage to say that these people are some of the most materialistic and greedy people that she has ever met.

Angela doesn’t like India or Hinduism but she claims that the caste system in the ancient Greece wasn’t as visible, clear and evident as in the ancient India but it was far worst in the Greece than in India. Angela claims that the education in the ancient Greece was limited to only the selected few during the Aristotle and Plato’s time which really never happened in India the same way. Angela is well-aware of the fact that the lowest and the most backward of the tribes weren’t allowed any education in the ancient India but Angela claims that only the aristocrats were allowed education in the ancient Greece.

Angela is highly appreciative of the online Indonesian gambling websites and their achievements and she has many of those bookmarked on all of her laptops and mobile phones. Angela loves FUN88 more than any other though.

American Express employee goes on Togel Singapore betting spree for months

Julie Hardingham is a Senior Process Manager at American Express.

Julie is a blogger and she has many interested posts on her blog which sometimes even make her look like a troll and she enjoys it when somebody posts an abusive comment on any of her posts.

Julie claims that there were many Paganic religions in the modern day China in the ancient times. Julie claims that one of the ancient Chinese pagan religions believed that the number of angels that a man or a woman will get after death in heaven will depend on the number of crocodiles that he/she killed in his/her lifetime. Julie says that with this it is evident that Islam was not the first religion that claimed you will get angels to serve you in the heaven. Julie has been researching hard to find more of such religions and she claims that there at least tens of such religions that promised their believers that they will get angels in heaven to serve them.

Julie is a huge critic of many legends. She believes that Othello is the most overrated novel ever by William Shakespeare. Julie says that the biggest proof that Othello was a troll novel by William Shakespeare is that they made a Bollywood movie on the same.

Julie is not a Muslim herself but she claims that anybody who doesn’t follow Ramadan is pretending to be a devout Muslim and he/she has no right to call himself/herself a Muslim. Julie says that she has seen some Muslims that keep Ramadan no matter what job and how many hours they work and only those people deserve to be called ‘Real Devout Muslims’.

Julie has her personal form of Atheistic Ramadan which goes by the name Togel Singapore. Julie likes to bet on data togel singapore websites for hours at a sitting and for months without a break.

Ecologist hates electronic gadgets and cars but loves bingo websites

Abigail Johnson is an ecologist who hates electronic gadgets and cars. Abigail was born to a dermatologist mother and a professor father and Abigail claims that she couldn’t have a better childhood growing up.

As a hater of automobiles, Abigail is hating the secret information that she recently got about one of the IKEA Furniture family members planning to get into the automobile industry. Abigail claims that the USP of the IKEA cars will be that they will be all wooden. Abigail hates wood, its color and cars, imagine Abigail standing the traffic surrounded by the wooden IKEA cars everywhere.

Abigail is currently dating a gentleman from Piedras, Uruguay who doesn’t let anything or anybody hold him back. This gentleman loves cars but Abigail couldn’t care less as he seems to love Abigail more than all the cars in the world combined.

Abigail claims that drinking coffee while gossiping or chatting away makes you talkative and dumb and while drinking coffee doing something creative makes you a genius. Abigail claims that she has never even once drank a coffee gossiping with any of her friends, family members or boyfriend(s) since the day she got this knowledge even though she drinks coffee several times a day.

Abigail claims that watching reality TV shows is like indulging in mental masturbation and she referred to it as masturbation in the Victorian Era and let me tell you that the term ‘Secret Vice’ was used to indicate about masturbation.

Abigail believes that religious teachings and religions are a good thing if the religious chiefs stop superimposing their beliefs and killing or persecuting people belonging to the different religions or with different beliefs.

Abigail believes that there are more issues than she can even talk about in the world and to take a break from all these, she loves to visit some of the best bingo websites and win some bets.

Innovative and hard-working engineer bets on Tempobet while drinking that Sugar-Free Red Bull

Sean Balvin is an engineer who was born in the family of gardeners. The funny thing is that Sean’s wife also belongs to a family of gardeners and being from the family of gardeners, they both have a lot to say about it.

Sean says that it is a pity that very few people gift herbs nowadays. He claims that the herb industry is really desperate and forget about the growth, it is finding it even extremely hard to survive.

Sean claims that 1980s and 1990s were the prime time for the herb industry and that’s when the businesses that had nothing to do with the herbs had their signboards painted in color green for the extra attention. This was also the time when health restaurant came into the existence and these health restaurants were doing really great until the Mid-1996 until they suddenly started receiving lots of negative attention in the mainstream media. Sean doubts that it was a plan of the rulers to keep the people unintelligent, unhealthy and stupid to bankrupt the health restaurant industry so the rulers could keep on ruling the masses and if we have to believe Sean, they really succeeded in it.

Sean has been working on inventing diesel run hedge trimmer which he claims will sell like hot cakes once he is done with it. Sean believes that no major tech company or a smart engineer has this idea in their mind to create something like a diesel run hedge trimmer and he wants to be the first one to invent something like this.

Sean’s most favorite pastime is betting on Tempobet which he does every night drinking his favorite sugar-free Red Bull once he has finished working.

Rocket scientists never buy Fiats but they can’t get enough of betting on Bandar Bola

Dinah Cooling is a real estate broker. Dinah has her own renovation team at her company.

Dinah is extensively interested in space missions, rocket science and space. Dinah keeps writing about the same on her real estate agency’s blog. Dinah claims that NASA’s space missions have received more setbacks than they will ever tell us. Dinah sometimes even doubts that the number of failed NASA space missions is far greater than the successful ones.

Dinah says that once you are off in space, you cannot afford to mess up and that’s the reason why many astronauts have sexual orgies in the space to ease off their stress levels and some even practice celibacy while they are off in the space.

Dinah claims that he doesn’t know a single astronaut who ever bought a Fiat and that’s the proof why you should never buy a Fiat. Dinah says that Fiat is only good to buy if you are looking for a used car and you are getting one at an unbeatable price but then again the condition is that you should not use it as an everyday vehicle, you may use it as a secondary vehicle as Fiats are not reliable at all and you don’t want to be late to the office everyday.

Dinah recently got banned by Twitter for tagging others all the time. Twitter’s staff believed that Dinah had been doing the same voluntarily to popularize her real estate agency. It was Dinah’s 5 years old account. It was also on Twitter where Dinah learnt about Bandar Bola. Dinah says that although she has started hating Twitter since she got banned, she cannot thank Twitter enough for introducing her to Bandar Bola.

Online grocery store owner loves Hinduism for its liberal nature towards gambling

Vrinda Gaekwad is an online grocery store owner. Vrinda’s business has been booming since the day of its inception as more and more customers are realizing how big a waste of time it is stand in the queue of the local store.

Vrinda herself is an extremely frugal person and this can be learnt from the fact that she reuses the residue left after drinking her everyday ground coffee and Vrinda also enjoys doing the same and the proof of this is that she prepares ground coffee without using any coffee filter. She prepares her ground coffee just like a regular person prepares his/her instant coffee, with a blender. Vrinda says that there is a feeling that is attached with being frugal which cannot be had with doing anything else.

Being an online grocery store owner, Vrinda claims that the sale of salt in India is higher compared to the sale of the other stuff because of the Hindu superstitions. Vrinda claims that millions of Hindus still believe that keeping hydrated salt inside the house or office brings about bad luck and that’s the reason why they throw out all the hydrated salt (salt that has already come in contact with water and mixed with it) and buy new salt.

Vrinda loves to volunteer against the fake Indian swamis. She was the first one to start roasting Indian Swami Nithyananda for saying E is not equal to MC Square and she received a lot of hate from the Nithyananda followers and lovers for the same. Vrinda believes that over half of the Nithyananda lovers and followers are paid for it.

Vrinda loves Hinduism for its liberal nature. Vrinda gambles with her family on the festival of Diwali and when the Diwali season is not on, she can be found betting on Betper.

Flour mill owner is against all kind of extremism and he claims that a happy sex and gambling life is the cure to an extremist life

Erik Hammel is a flour mill owner from the State of Kentucky. Erik has been running several online campaigns against all type of terrorism, terrorist organizations and other nuisance.

Erik once went to Pakistan where he interviewed a Molvi who was a Pro-Talibani and Osama Bin Laden’s supporter. This Molvi claimed over and over again that Osama Bin Laden wasn’t a terrorist and he was killed by the United States for the crimes that he never committed. Erik asked him in the interview that why do you almost worship Osama Bin Laden if he was just an ordinary man? Erik asked that when there are hundreds of thousands of people that get killed each year for no reason then why does Osama has a special place in your heart? The Molvi didn’t have an answer to the question and ran away throwing the Mic on Erik.

Erik is very much against the rising saffron-terrorism in India as well and he has been criticizing the fact that the political party that has been in power in almost every state of India aka the so-called world’s largest democracy recently chose a convicted terrorist as its candidate from one of the most significant constituencies of the nation.

Erik has also been writing against the growing White Supremacy for the past 6 years and he claims that several people have changed their beliefs, minds and visions after being influenced Erik.

Erik advises all the extremists to have a healthy sex life in order to think clearly and see whether the leaders are taking them for a long ride. Erik also advises the couples to bet together on Togel Singapore during spare time so that they can have a happy life.

Stop regretting, increase your productivity, your luck and a lot of other positive things about yourself, claims gambler Judita Parsons

Judita Parsons is an UI Associate Architect at a major online clothing store. Judita used to model in the college days and she struggled hard enough to score a role in some movie as well but failed to. Judita claims that the movie directors and producers are very scared about their future as the number of their viewership has been on a constant decline since the advent of the Youtube. Judita herself, most of her friends and family members also believe that one of the major reasons for the decline of the movie industry is that the quality of the movies around the world has gone down.

Judita has a lot of interest in the business world and although she works for some other company presently, she claims that she will have one of her own soon enough. Judita claims that the United Kingdom sees its economic future in producing and exporting nothing but semi-furnished goods.

Judita claims that brand value is more important for a business than ever before but it is also far easier to create brand value faster than ever before in this age and era of the internet if you know how to play your cards right.

One of Judita’s nieces has been working on creating a video game where Somali pirates will be the protagonists. Judita says that she doesn’t like the storyline or the subject that she is creating video game for but all her support is with her niece in her efforts.

Judita claims that her productivity in almost all regards has increased over 300% since she stopped regretting her past deeds. Judita says that she has got a lot lucky as well ever since, she claims that she keeps winning bets all the time in the game of GCLUB2.