Associate Account Strategist at Google got the idea to have her own digital download service from a Casino Forum

Bessy Dolina is an Associate Account Strategist at Google. Bessy believes that Spiritism is the religion of the future.

Bessy lived in Vietnam for a long while where she observed that most of the young people belonging to the Hoa Hao religion in Vietnam are involved in Internet Marketing. Bessy also claims that a very small group of Vietnamese teenage boys from the Ho Chi Minh City are responsible for over 20, 000 popular spam websites. Bessy says that the same group of Vietnamese teenage boys has been selling SEO services on a website that goes by the name SEOClerks, just like they sell fishes in a fish market.

Bessy has been interested in the politics of Venezuela since Nicolas Maduro took over and she claims that the Venezuelans have been looking towards the USA for help but the USA has some other secret and mischievous plans instead. Bessy says that roughly about 2 million Venezuelans can be put under the category of lunatics but that doesn’t mean that the rest should suffer because of these lunatics.

One of Bessy’s great friends – Paola recently inaugurated her own completely yellow themed restaurant and the restaurant goes by the same name as well – YELLO. The restaurant became a big hit within only a matter of weeks. She told Bessy that advertising on magazines works as a great business promotional tool if used rightly. Paola also told Bessy that the newspaper and magazine advertising is still responsible for more sales than online advertising for most businesses and it is not as complex either.

Bessy recently created a digital download service inspired by another digital download service owner whom she met on a Casino Forum.

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